There are a large number of language learners who have spent a long time studying English, but who are too nervous to use English with their children. If you have spent time studying English, share the gift with your children to help them study too! Here are some websites you can use with your children to help them practice English, and maybe practice your own too.

Super Simple Learning

A great resource for young children, this website has everything you need to help your child start to explore the English language. Super Simple Songs have hundreds of songs with fun animated videos to help your child learn English. The Super Simple Learning website is also a great place to find extra teaching materials, such as printable flashcards, colouring pages, worksheets and activity ideas. Whether you just want to give them something to watch in English or you want to actually sit down with them for some English studying, this website is your number one stop!


Another awesome website, Pinkfong! is a Youtube channel stuffed full of songs and stories to entertain your kids in English. With lyrics along the bottom of the screen, it’s easy for little ones to learn and join in. Some of the songs will have parents laughing as much as the children, with Baby Shark and Did You Ever See A Tail being classic favourites.

The British Council – LearnEnglish Kids

The British Council has a website for adult language learners, but this page is specifically for children. With materials including things for reading and writing, speaking and listening, vocabulary, grammar and games, there is plenty to keep the little ones entertained! The LearnEnglish Kids interactive games are particularly popular.

About the Author

Celia Jenkins is a freelance writer and TEFL-trained English teacher who spent five years teaching in Asia. She specialises in travel writing and writing for children, and has a penchant for knitting. Celia is the author of Knitted Sushi (easy knitting patterns for beginners) and Ben and Maki – Let’s be Friends (an English/Japanese bilingual picture book). To contact Celia about freelancing work, check out her Upwork profile or contact Celia through her website.


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