Why Teach at Shane English Schools?

Shane English Schools began as just one teacher giving private lessons in his kitchen in Japan. Four decades later and Shane now boasts hundreds of schools across the globe. As one of the most established names in the TEFL industry, Shane English Schools remains dedicated to providing quality education to its students, and continues giving adventurous teachers the opportunity to travel the world and teach English to ESL students.

Here’s why Shane is a great place to start your ESL career.

Our welfare support gets you settled

Moving abroad is not easy, even a little scary if you’re doing it alone. But Shane English Schools will always make it as easy as possible for you, making you feel welcome and providing you with all the assistance you need. From getting your visa to finding an apartment, opening a bank account or even getting a phone number, Shane will make sure you settle in well.


The training ensures you start with confidence

If you’re worried about not having experience and wondering how your first class will go, you can rest assured that it won’t be bad. Shane English Schools provides initial training for all new teachers to get them familiar with the curriculum and ensure you start your first class with confidence.


The curriculum is complete (with room for fun)

Shane English Schools has a tailored curriculum and provides teachers with all the necessary books, recourses, materials, and teaching guides designed to provide quality lessons to students. This way, teachers can focus on how to teach and not what to teach. You’ll be given the framework with plenty of room to add your own creativity and flare. While the curriculum provides an excellent path for the students’ learning, teachers are welcome to bring any additional materials they feel will add to the value of the class and benefit the students.


Teaching assistants provide constant support

All classes have a local teaching assistant to help with prepping activities, checking work, a little bit of translation, and classroom management. Outside the class, Academic Managers and Directors of Studies are in place to help teachers resolve any problems they may have, and also to help teachers continue to improve their teaching skills via scheduled observations, teacher meetings, and workshops.


It’s not just another job. It’s a career

Many new teachers quickly learn how much fun teaching ESL can be and decide to make it a career. Shane English Schools has many positions for those teachers looking to take the next step in their ESL career. Many Shane teachers go on to take up managerial positions, either as an Academic Manager or a Director of Studies, while others take up positions in Head Office on positions in recruitment, publishing or marketing.


How to apply for a teaching job

All teaching jobs with Shane English Schools are processed through the company’s recruitment arm, Saxoncourt.

With Saxoncourt you will be sure that all schools have been properly vetted to comply with Shane English Schools’ best practices.