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Teach for Shane Schools with Saxoncourt Recruitment

Start your ESL journey with Saxoncourt Recruitment, the official hiring arm of Shane English Schools and an official sourcing partner of Shane English Schools Taiwan. You can be in touch with a consultant today and one step closer to teaching abroad!

For over 30 years, Saxoncourt Recruitment has helped thousands of educators around the world start their fulfilling careers as professional ESL educators.




A Great Start for New Teachers

Shane English Schools is happy to take new teachers and mold them into great teachers. We provide new teachers with comprehensive training and academic support to ensure they continue to progress and develop professionally.

Teacher training is designed to get new teachers familiar with the Shane curriculum and provide valuable teaching tips on how to structure lessons, make learning fun, and instill effective classroom management practices. Schools also have an Academic Manager or a Director of Studies to ensure teachers continue to progress through class observations, feedback, and on-going teacher training.

3 steps to sign up for teaching English:

  1. Apply online on saxoncourt.com (3-5 mins) and choose the countries you want to teach in.
  2. We will discuss your desires and answer your questions in a Skype interview.
  3. After discussing with the school, you will be offered one or more contracts and choose where you will have your next adventure abroad!

Countries where you can work with Saxoncourt

Teach in Japan

Japan provides a unique cultural experience.

Teaching in Japan is perfect for ambitious English teachers looking for adventure. There is much to see and do in Japan, especially around the capital of Tokyo. And the country’s rich cultural history has been a beacon for tourists and travellers for hundreds of years. It may not be the best location to save money, but it’s worth every penny for the experience.

Key Features of Teaching in Japan

  • a unique cultural experience
  • paid holidays throughout the year
  • also teach adults at an intermediate skill level
  • opportunities to develop as an educator with provided training courses

Teach in Taiwan

Taiwan is an under-appreciated teaching location in East Asia.

Taiwan is a sub-tropical island off the coast of East Asia. As a progressive democracy, Taiwan presents many opportunities for an ambitious English teacher.

With positions available island-wide, you can experience everything this incredibly diverse island has to offer. From beautiful beaches to mist-shrouded mountains or bustling cities to sleepy towns, there’s something in Taiwan for everyone.

Key Features of Teaching in Taiwan

  • very high salary for the cost of living
  • well-established regional team with advancement opportunities
  • a unique island with a culture that welcomes foreigners
  • quick access to nature and mountains from most cities
  • a chance to explore one of the world’s hidden cultural and ecological gems

Teach in Thailand

Teach in the world’s most popular tourist destination!

Living in Thailand, the land of smiles, you will be able to enjoy beautiful scenery and an active social life. Thai culture is just as exotic as it is welcoming to foreigners.

Currently there are positions available in five cities.

Key Features of Teaching in Thailand

  • world class food and drinks
  • cheap cost of living
  • a chance to challenge yourself living in a different culture
  • a well-established regional team with advancement opportunities

Teach in China

Take your opportunity in China.

China is one of the most exciting places in the world to live and teach. As this ancient culture rushes into modernity at a breakneck speed, there’s never a dull moment to be found. And as the most populous country on Earth, there is no shortage of professional opportunity for dedicated educators.

Experience an emerging global superpower first hand and establish a rewarding career in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Key Features of Teaching in China

  • highest salaries in East Asia and a low cost of living
  • quick travel opportunities in China and around Asia
  • good benefits packages (health insurance, flight reimbursement, housing allowance, etc.)
  • professional development in education and other industries

What You Can Expect from Saxoncourt Recruitment

  • Get valuable insight and advice about what to expect as you begin your ESL career in a foreign country.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of teaching in each country so you can make the best choice.
  • Receive assistance in obtaining the legal visa required.
  • Secure a job with a detailed contract before you leave home.
  • Enjoy continued follow-up support so that your stay abroad is smooth.
  • Access additional opportunities at Shane English Schools around the world, like becoming a Director of Studies.

Career Progression at Shane English Schools

Shane English Schools also offer career progression opportunities for teachers who want to take their ESL career to the next level. Many teachers who have stayed with our schools move up to become Academic Managers and Directors of Studies, where their roles move more into teacher training, teacher welfare, and curriculum development.

And for those teachers whose adventures are taking them beyond the classroom, Saxoncourt head offices hire Shane English School teachers for academic, operational, and marketing roles. No one knows us better than our teachers, and we want to give them every opportunity to grow and develop.