Saxoncourt Group

The Saxoncourt Group is made up of all the companies and services necessary to excel in the education field. Shane English School is just one part of a much larger network that offers support to Shane English Schools worldwide.

As a capable education services provided, Saxoncourt is able to provide streamlined support to schools and partners everywhere from recruitmentย and materials to franchising opportunities.

Shane English Schools Logo

Shane English School

Shane English School is one of the world’s leading English language education providers. With a long history going back over 40 years, Shane English Schools have educated hundreds of thousands of students for generations. With a comprehensive curriculum and solid teaching method, Shane English Schools remains a popular option for language learners of all ages.

Shane English School Locations

Shane English Schools are represented in countries around the world. After a strong start in Japan, Shane moved to other countries throughout Asia and now includes locations in Asia, Europe, and Africa. All told, we are now in 13 different countries and regions, with more opportunity for growth all the time.

Shane English School Franchising

Shane English School Franchising

Shane English School continues to grow into new markets to offer language education to more students worldwide. The Saxoncourt Group is always interested in empowering committed individuals to open their own schools, or even open up whole new regions of the world to greater educational outcomes.


Saxoncourt Recruitment

Saxoncourt Recruitment specialises in hiring top-quality, native-speaking English teachers for Shane English Schools and other partners around the world. With only the highest standards for educators, Saxoncourt Recruitment is responsible for laying the foundation of any successful school: its teachers.

Saxoncourt Publishing

Saxoncourt Publishing

Saxoncourt Publishing develops and distributes high-quality teaching materials for Shane English School franchises around the world. With books and support materials available for all age levels and abilities.