English Courses

The aim at Shane English School is for our students to improve their English, and to develop the ability to speak, write and understand English with confidence. Compared with more traditional schools, our teaching methods encourage students to think in English and use it naturally.

Shane English School Courses

English for Very Young Learners

Our English kindergarten classes have specially trained staff who are equipped to handle the needs of very young learners to ensure a safe and productive learning environment. Find out more about our English courses for kindergartners.

English Courses for Young Learners

English is an indispensable tool for achieving your child’s dreams. Our world-class English schools have guided the English studies of future scientists, politicians, and business people for four decades. Find out more about our English courses for children.

English Courses for Teens

Our English courses for teenagers teach real-world topics and real-life functions and have a strong international focus, which prepares students for success at universities. Find out more about our English courses for teenagers.

English for Adults

From General English to English for Specific Purposes (ESP), our wide range of adult English programs correlate with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR.)

Lessons on Location

Learn English from the convenience of your own office, school, or home with 100% qualified, professional and knowledgeable native English teachers.

Private English Courses

Personalize your learning experience and progress at your own speed at Shane English School by having a Shane teacher who will customize each English lesson just for you.

E-learning for Kids

We provide a video-based curriculum that uses advanced machine learning to match lessons to students based on both interest and ability.

E-learning for Adults

Education technology continues to advance every year. While e-learning is not likely to replace teachers anytime soon, it is a useful tool to supplement traditional classes.

Study Abroad

Step out of your comfort zone use your English in real life situations. Each trip is unique and built around the interests of the students travelling.

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