What should you read when you are trying to learn English? English.

When you are learning English for the first time, everyone has an opinion on what you should read. Some tell you to follow the news. This can be useful for learning new words and pronunciation. Others might tell you to stick to the language books you were in your classes. These are helpful because they have exercises. Still others may tell you to read fiction. This can help you develop various aspects of your language skills. Magazines are another option.

Hollywood legend Sidney Poitier, originally from the Bahamas, imitated radio announcers and read newspapers to improve his accent and reading.

From my own experiences learning languages, I would say that the best thing to read when learning a new language is everything. Language is a complicated human invention. Its uses extend beyond what we normally consider ‘study material’. For example, the warning labels on the back of electronics and the list of ingredients on the back of packaged foods are potential sources of learning. They present the language in a way that is different from other sources.

For adults learning English, children’s books may be non-traditional, but they can be extremely useful. If you manage to read something new every day, learning English becomes an enjoyable journey.

More than anything, it is the diversity of your sources of reading material that matter. Whether you are just beginning your journey in learning English or have been doing it for years, do not lose the appetite to read everything you can find.

Read whatever you can find to get the best results!

The mind, even for adults, is like a sponge. It soaks up everything you expose it to, sometimes even when you do not realize it. You may find yourself in a conversation suddenly using a word you have never used before, or understanding a phrase you had never heard. This is the mind at work. Feed your brain a healthy, diverse diet of words and sentences and it will take care of the rest.

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