Sometimes when you study day in and day out – maybe for several years now – it can be easy to forget why you are doing it. Even if you know that you need English for work, for school, or just as a hobby, it’s good to remind yourself of some deeper reasons for all the hard work you are doing.

#1 Communication

English is truly an international language. You’ve heard it before, but you probably don’t realize the full meaning. In virtually every country, Hollywood movies are in cinemas, English music is popular, business meetings are conducted in English, and the list goes on. When you travel, the common language of those in the tourism industry is English. This language is well-worth knowing for all communication purposes.

#2 Opportunity

It opens doors. Because of the status of the English language as a worldwide common language, being able to speak it gives you opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise. Even those who are already fluent don’t realize their potential for using English. It can take you anywhere in the world, introduce you to people you would never meet, and greatly increase your job prospects.

#3 Fun

English is challenging and exposes you to different cultures. Along with the all the academic and more practical benefits that learning English brings, learning a language, in general, is actually a really cool thing to do. You should feel proud of yourself for your current level and all the little progressions you make. Though it takes effort, it can be a lot of fun, too. Learning any language lets you in on different countries customs and culture, which is always interesting.

So keep with it! English is a great language to learn and it’s not hard to understand why. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you’re not getting anywhere just remember the why. Make it even more personal than the reasons above- what’s your overall aim and your specific goal?

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About the Author

Yvette Smith is an English teacher currently in Vietnam. She has taught in China and Mexico as well. She enjoys writing about the ESL field and thinks everyone should take the chance to travel abroad at least once in their lives.

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