There are three basic ways to build your English vocabulary: read, watch, and speak.

As new English learners, we often struggle to convey what is inside our mind when speaking to other English users because there are not enough ‘guns’ (words) in our vocabulary arsenal. Vocabulary is one of the fundamental aspects of fluent English. Even with perfect grammar, learners with a low choice of words would find it difficult to express themselves in the most accurate manner. Creating a habit to learn new words regularly and use the most precise term in the language will help you to communicate, think, and write clearly. Hence, it is important to be constantly expanding your vocabulary.

One of the best ways to increase your vocabulary is to read. Yes, read! Maybe some of you find that reading is boring, but it’s crucial to establish a reading habit. It is easy to let go of this habit without school assignments that force you to read, so you must create a reading habit yourself that fits into your routine. Whether it’s reading a newspaper in the morning or reading a new book every week, pick a frequency and pace that suits you. If you do this, then not only your vocabulary will improve, but you will also be kept updated and well-versed with current issues and your general knowledge will increase.

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Besides reading, watching YouTube videos is the most straightforward way to increase your vocabulary. There is a plethora of channels that help English learners to improve their language skills using different methods. YouTube also offers the ‘CC’ function which allows the viewers to watch videos with subtitles. The subtitles help English learners to both understand and learn new words and its spelling.

Engaging in a conversation with advanced or native English speakers can help you discover new words. It is similar to reading, but you will have real-world experience on how the word is used in a sentence and in what situation. Once you hear a new word, remember it and jot it down for later study, and be ready to use the word in the next conversation.

In summary, expanding your vocabulary will help you to communicate and express yourself in a clear and concise manner and allow others to understand you much better.

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About the Author

Haziq Rozhan is a native Malay translator and a budding professional writer at the e-Rezeki Centre in University of Science, Malaysia (USM). With a degree in Applied Language Studies (Hons.), he translates the English-Malay language pair and has passion in writing in both creative and academic fields.

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