Some are born with the ability to learn things fast, while some need more time and have to work harder. “No pain, no gain,” says the old proverb, but some of the best students have habits that help them achieve their success. Developing healthy studying habits is not easy, but if put a little effort into it, it is not so chaotic.

What kind of habits and skills we have to possess to succeed in school is no longer a mystery. Students should strive for success at school, and being a poor student because of their own laziness is not cool at all.

These are the habits of excellent students that everyone needs to acquire:

1. They Always Do Their Homework

Homework is not a conspiracy created by all of the teachers in the world to tortured poor students but is actually the best way for to repeat what you have already learned.

2. They are Never Late

Appearing at the appointed time is the basis for creating a respectful attitude towards school, so make sure that you know how to plan and organize your time.

3. They Get Enough Sleep

Rest is important for all of us, but it is even more important for young minds who attend school because their brains need enough sleep to properly form neural connections and process acquired information.

4. They are Responsible

Students who get good grades are rarely irresponsible. They are usually a bit more mature than their peers, which enables them to have the right attitude towards school work.

5. They Have Neat Notebooks

A neat notebook contains all the essential information the teacher gives in class and is visually appealing as well which invites its owner to review the material.

6. They Actively Participate in Class

Paying attention and participating in activities in class is very important because by doing that, you will remember a significant amount of new material, which also means you will have less work to do at home.

7. They Have a Schedule

The best students usually have a schedule of daily tasks that they follow. For example, after school, they can take a few hours for leisure activities, but then take care of housework and spend an hour or two doing school assignments.

8. They Talk About School With Their Parents

Kids really love when parents show interest in their activities, including school. Excellent students have nothing to hide from their parents and enjoy sharing things they have learned or even asking for help if they happen to stumble across a task too difficult to handle on their own.

9. They Respect Their Teachers

Students who are successful in school always have respect for their teachers, regardless of everything. The teachers are there to guide and the students to follow them.

10. They Know When to Have Fun

Have fun also important! After a hard day at school, there should always be a reward in the form of something fun. It’s up to you to decide what that is.

Acquiring some of these habits may not be an easy task, but once you start implementing them, we are certain your grades will improve, as well as your overall attitude towards school and learning.

About the Author

When not writing blog posts, Milica Madic is English Language and Literature Student. Before returning to school for her Master’s degree, she was an English-language teacher.





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