There are many ways to learn a language. Here are four easy tips you can start doing right now to learn that language even faster.

Whenever you are learning something new and the process seems too slow, you might wonder how you can speed up the learning process and get to the end goal (like speaking English well) faster. When learning English, you will need a lot of patience because you cannot go from being a beginner student to speaking fluently in a year, or even two. There are, however, a few tips on how you can speed up the process of learning English and improve your English faster.

Here are four tips for learning English faster.

Tip #1: Grab Every Opportunity

Hesitation is one thing that slows down any learning process. Every time you hesitate, you waste an opportunity to speak and learn, because the more you wait and think, the more difficult it becomes to speak. As such, be sure that you make the most of every opportunity to speak English, and speak. Don’t hesitate!

Tip #2: Don’t Say “I don’t speak English”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t speak English” is an easy excuse to not speak English, and again, it is another opportunity to speak and learn that you pass by. Instead, try your best to speak with the English that you do know. You can always use phrases like “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”, “Please explain (or say) that again”, and “Could you speak slower?”

Tip #3: Don’t Fear Failure

Anyone who has ever learned something new has made at least one mistake. Most likely, it was hundreds of mistakes. Making mistakes is not failing; it just means that you have something to work on and improve. The sooner you accept that you will make a mistake, the sooner you can continue to learn and improve. That fear of making a mistake or failing will only hold you back if you let it.

Tip #4: Never Give Up

It might feel as if you will never understand conditionals or tag questions or some challenging part of the English language, but the key is to never give up, even though that might seem easier.

Remember that you are learning English for a reason: You want to get into that great university in the UK. You want to get that promotion you have been working so hard for. You want to travel and see the Golden Gate Bridge.

When you feel like giving up, go back to the reason(s) you are studying English, take a short break, and do what you need to do to feel motivated again.

About the Author

Denine Walters is currently a freelance writer, editor/proofreader and ESL teacher. Previously, she taught online English lessons to students from all around the world and, before that, she lived and taught English to young learners in Taiwan.

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