Writing emails is one of the biggest parts of communication in the business world. They are the easiest way to send updates, keep in contact, and have a record of what has happened. If writing emails is a frequent occurrence for you, then keep checking these four things before pressing send!

1. Clear, short, and straightforward subject line.

Good examples: Summary of Meeting with XYZ Suppliers

                            Dress Code Memo

                            Quarter 1 Results

                            Quick Question…

Bad examples: Hello!


                          There was a drop in sales this quarter

                          Holiday Dates Have Been Updated To New Ones

2. Who is your reader?

Who your reader is or who your readers are is very important to consider. Do you make the language in the email formal or informal, direct or indirect? Can the email be brief or should it be more detailed? Are they employees or colleagues? If you have had a long working relationship with the recipient, you can do a combination of both tones.

3. Check your spelling and grammar carefully.

Don’t just write, scan over, and press send. Take the time to really look at your email and catch small mistakes such as punctuation and incorrect conjugations. Depending on who your reader is, some minor errors may be okay, but sometimes it may appear unprofessional.

Bonus tip: After you send

4. Get feedback.

Depending on your workplace environment, it might not be the best place to get feedback on the English part of your email. If you do have someone you can talk to at work about it, then great! Otherwise, show your emails to a teacher or someone with a good level of English so you can note where you could have improved and do even better next time!

About the Author

Yvette Smith is an English teacher currently in Vietnam. She has taught in China and Mexico as well. She enjoys writing about the ESL field and thinks everyone should take the chance to travel abroad at least once in their lives.

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