The most important part of learning a language is speaking it. It can be scary until you have built up some confidence, but pronunciation is one of the hardest things to learn in the English language. There are so many different accents to choose from, and you won’t always get a clue from the way a word is spelled.

Here are three of our favourite tips that will help you pronounce English better.

1.  Avoid just listening and reading.

One of the biggest mistakes language learners make is spending all their time studying the rules of the language. If you want to improve your pronunciation, you need to use the language actively.

Set aside time each day to read passages out loud, record yourself speaking or find an online friend that you can Skype call.

2. Practice Listening to .ronunciation at Many Things.

Many Things is a great website to practice listening to how English is pronounced. It has a huge selection of lessons on minimal pairs which are words that sound different by only one sound. After listening to a lesson, you can then quiz yourself and see how well you understand spoken English before you start speaking it.

3. Use pronunciation podcasts and videos

There is a huge variety of free and paid resources online that will teach you how to pronounce the different sounds in English.

If you like watching videos, try Rachel’s English or the English Language Club. Or if you prefer just to listen, Pronuncian has over 200 audio files that will help you with stress, pitch and pronunciation.

4. Slow down!

To be fluent in a language you do not need to speak fast. By forcing yourself to talk quickly, you will make mistakes and sound nervous.

Take your time speaking and give yourself room to think about what you want to say next. You will feel more relaxed and be able to pronounce your words far better.

By using these three tips in your English language learning journey, you will be well on your way to speaking with confidence.

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About the Author

Lauren Melnick is a South African travel blogger and EFL teacher currently living in Ubon, Thailand. When she isn’t making lesson plans and watching nursery rhymes on YouTube, you can find her eating up a storm, taking selfies with dinosaurs, and planning her next adventure.

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