winter-camp-SESTShane English School Taiwan organised a three day winter camp in February and invited kids to step away from their touchscreens and computers to make new friends. The camp was held in a lovely farm which was home to ostriches, goats, rabbits, dogs, and lots of plants and flowers. 

The courses included lots of group-work activities, English classes, and DIY events to train students how to work as a team and collaborate with team members. They were divided into five large teams and played exciting games where they all had to work together in order to beat the other groups. 

We also had great bonfire party and enjoyed dancing and singing, which many found to be the most exciting part of the camp!

The 3-day camp was tiring, yet exhilarating, and students learned how to be independent and to take care of themselves without their parents. They gained lots of friends and experiences which will stay with them for a lifetime.