Saxoncourt Publishing has recently announced a few exciting updates.  In early 2012, Saxoncourt Publishing was listed on the Egyptian list of qualified publishers that are allowed to sell books in Egypt.  This is good news as Saxoncourt Publishing will also be rolling out a new line of SPEC books, workbooks and readers in early 2013.

About a year ago, Saxoncourt Publishing received an inquiry from a company called Niles Publishing in Egypt.  Olivia Lai, Saxoncourt Publishing’s Manager, followed up with Niles and the Egyptian government to ensure all licensing took place and that SPEC could be sold legally in the country.  The contract was signed in May 2012, followed shortly by book orders placed by Niles.  “In a recent order in August,” said Lai, “[Niles Publishing] ordered 300-400 copies of each title.”  The need for Saxoncourt Publishing books could grow to as high as 1,000 copies for each title in the years to come.

In addition to their new market emergence, the SPEC books are undergoing a lot of change as well.  Lai states that the SPEC series will increase from six books to nine by January 2013.  Feedback from the parents indicated that the leaps in SPEC 4, 5 & 6 were too difficult for students.  In response to this, Saxoncourt Publishing rewrote books in the current series to create a more gradual transition between levels. 

The style of the books will be getting a makeover as well.  “The characters will stay the same,” reports Lai, “but we’ll have new covers and enlarge some of the fonts in the older books as well.”  Shane English School Taiwan has been commissioned to write, edit and illustrate the new SPEC series.

The SPEC books will be accompanied by several other additions as well.  New workbooks and ten readers will match up with different units in the SPEC books.  Lai currently has five reader books finished and has invited current teachers to submit idea proposals for the remaining five readers.  Alphabook 1 & 2 has also been replaced by a brand new book- Amazing Alphabet.

Saxoncourt Publishing looks forward to updating everyone as the project pushes forward in the months ahead.