Target & Shane Language Training (Saxoncourt Polska) deals with a very specific section of the English teaching market in Poland – the corporate client. Given the targeted service we provide, we are pleased to announce that we have exceeded 600 students spread among our 103 corporate clients.

Our company was founded in 1993, with only two large commercial clients, but soon expanded quickly, drawing in other companies from around Warsaw. By 1995 there were 10 teachers working full time, and expansion had started to include companies from all over Poland.

In 1998, Target went into partnership with Saxoncourt, making Target part of a worldwide group of schools. This decision was driven by the desire to be a member of an international organisation that would help improve the quality and number of services we offer our clients, not to mention an admirable stature to help differentiate ourselves from our Polish competitors.

In-company training involves catering to numerous corporate clients, who place individual orders for their staff – all with their own needs and expectations. We are proud of our small administrative team, who has been able to schedule, work on, and complete numerous projects, with different clients, in different stages of completion, all at the same time. We have mastered the fine art of client juggling, and when it comes time to sending out invoices, we are glad that we’ve learned to juggle.

Some of our clients include multinational conglomerates, national petrol chemical refineries, television stations, hypermarkets, and embassies – all divided among 67 teachers. See our website for more (Polish):