sest-speech-contest-2014Shane English School Taiwan held its 9th English Speech Contest on the 2nd of August in Hsinchu County. A grand total of 46 students signed up for the competition this year, and there were over 300 supporters in attendance that day – from family members, friends, and classmates who came to cheer on the contestants! Participants’ fluency, body language, voice (pronunciation, intonation, etc), correctness, and timing were the five major factors which determined their final score. Prizes were presented for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners at each level. 

Congrats to the winners and all the contestants for participating in this outstanding competition!

Third Grade Winners:
台中大里 David 馮威榮
彰化和美 William 尤偉哲
竹北十興 Melissa 陳瑄翎

Fourth Grade Winners:
新竹三民 Dora 林芯語
台中松竹 Jessica 張橙雨
新竹四維 William 洪振瑋

Fifth Grade Winners:
高雄鳳山 Eva 陳靖雯
台中永春 Vita 方芊豫
彰化員林 Amy 劉彥苡

Sixth Grade + Junior High Students Winners:
台中松竹 Sunny 彭于真
高雄鳳山 Jenny 葉筑云
新竹十興 Dale 賴弈達