March 2013, Saxoncourt is pleased to report that Shane English Vietnam just recently completed their Lattitude teacher training in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Lattitude program trains and prepares gap year students for a year of English Teaching in Vietnam. The course was run by the Director of Studies Ewan Campbell.

Campbell arrived in Hanoi on the 18th of February to greet aspiring teachers from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The training was held at a conference room in a nearby hotel located near the shores of Hoan Kiem Lake in the Old Quarter.

The training consisted in a basis of teaching theory, lots of examples of activities, sections on how to correct students, teaching large classes and young learners, as well as units focusing on pronunciation and phonics. The main focal point, however, was on speaking and listening skills, as the volunteer students are normally expected to focus on these areas during their teaching stints. Campbell also focused on improving fluency and aiding students in achieving better pronunciation. The volunteers all proved to be very able and had fun despite the long and tiring days.

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