SEST held its 7th Speech Contest this past summer; it was open to students in grades 3-6 and JHS level. Fifty-four students signed up for the competition this year. 

The competitor had to write and present a 1.5 minute speech to the audience. This year, Grade 6 (11 – 12years old) had to write a speech about one of the following topics: what really makes you angry and what can you do about it, what has been your happiest moment in life so far, or what you would do if you were the President. Grade 3(8-9 years old) could choose to speak about what they wish their parents would let them do, if they were more like their mother or father and why, what a good friend is, what makes you feel better when you are sad, or a description about your perfect day. The judges looked at fluency, body language, voice, correctness and timing. Each level has one champion. A runner up and second runner also won a trophy and prize.