chengshousiShane English Schools Beijing are happy to announce the opening of new franchise school in Chengshousi. Excitement was in the air last weekend as parents and students attended two days of demonstration lessons with Shane English School Beijing’s Academic Manager Rob Boden. Classes went down really well and both students and parents enjoyed themselves tremendously. 

Shane English School Chengshousi also known as ‘Beijing 4’, is located in the south-central part of the city, close to the central business district. The local area is mainly residential and due to its rapid development, is seeing more and more new residents arriving day-by-day. Situated not far from the Sanlitun bar and shopping area, it will also be a popular destination for foreign teachers. 

Lessons began at 8.30 on Saturday morning and carried on until early afternoon. Franchise Manager Frank Li and school owner Mrs Li gave speeches introducing parents to Shane and our teaching methodology. With the busy weekend over, we’re all looking forward to lots of sign-ups and new lessons starting up. After the recent unveiling of Shane English School Xisanqi, all of us are very excited by the continued expansion of Shane in Beijing.