Steve Lambert, Shane English School Taiwan Principal, recently joined a delegation from a variety of schools and organisations in Taiwan to attend the 2017 National Geographic Learning conference in Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

Titled ‘Inspiring Learning in the 21st Century’, the conference brought together educational leaders, teachers and government officials to consider the challenges of 21st-century education, and how to turn these to practical advantage in the classroom. A wide variety of speakers and seminars covered topics ranging from integrating critical thinking into language lessons and innovative approaches to problem-solving in education, to increasing teacher’s confidence through professional development.

Veteran National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths also conducted seminars explaining the stories behind some of her most famous photos and to give advice on how to take the perfect picture. The conference provided an ideal opportunity to meet and network with other education and English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals from a wide variety of countries in East and South East Asia. Since the conference, NGL Regional Director Michael Cahill has visited Taipei and our Head Office to look at ways that they can work with Shane English Schools Taiwan in the future.