sest-open-day-june-2015Shane English School Taiwan successfully held two ‘Open House’ events in Taipei at the TuCheng branch (30th May) and Roosevelt branch (31st May). The purpose of these events was to reach the new target audience (both parents and children) to generate interest in our courses. Those who attended experienced a 40-minute demo lesson.

Our Academic Team designed two types of demo lessons for the Open House event: a SPEC (Shane Primary English Course) demo lesson and an EFL demo lesson. The main points of the demo lessons were:
• To show the parents that Shane English School is a highly trusted brand which recruits 100% qualified English teachers with international teaching certificates.
• To allow parents to observe how teachers conduct lessons and interact with children.
• To motivate children and demonstrate that learning English is different from their previous learning experience. We showed them that learning English is really fun by using many learner-centerd teaching activities and methods.
• To allow parents to enroll their children on a suitable course at Shane English School Taiwan.

About 40 children attended the demo lessons and the feedback from the parents was extremely positive. Most importantly of all, 95% of the attendees registered with the schools afterwards.

Based on this successful experience, the Open House event will be held on the 6th, 13th and 27th June at other DTE branches.