In May, Shane Lipscombe and his wife Carolyn Lipscombe visited several Shane English Schools in the Taipei, Taoyuan, and Hsinchu areas. Mr Lipscombe saw many teachers and local staff put a lot of efforts in English teaching. He feels so touched and grateful.

Many students were very excited to meet their big idol – the real Shane – so they asked him to sign autographs for them and took pictures with him. Mr Lipscombe had a great time meeting and greeting all the incredible students everywhere he went.

Mr Lipscombe appreciated all the suggestions and advice given by the school owners and school managers and promised to continue meeting their expectations.  Later, Mr Lipcombe will continue his scheduled tour of central and southern Taiwan. He will listen more and look more. And of course, he will continue to expand our business and the opportunities it provides our students.

Karen Lu
Marketing Communications Manager
Shane English School Taiwan