Last weekend Shane English School Beijing held its annual festive fun fest – The SESB Christmas Party. There was a great student turn out and they had a really exciting evening with our teaching team and assistants. Later on, a special guest from the North Pole made an appearance carrying a stocking full of gifts for our wonderful kids. 

The event started with students learning some Christmas vocabulary and practising it with classic Shane games. We then moved on to some more festive activities: Pass the gift, Stocking Relay Race, Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Guess the Santa Claus and Guess the gift. All activities proved exceptionally popular. 

We then held a singing competition where students practiced a class Christmas Carol. Teacher Sadiq’s team were a cut above the rest and won first prize! A short Christmas PowerPoint presentation on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer followed before a jingling of bells was heard somewhere in the distance. Students line d up patiently and welcomed Santa to the school. He came bearing fantastic gifts which all the children deserved for their great spirit and hard work. 

After the party finished, a surprise birthday celebration was held for new teacher Sadiq Javer. Minced pies were replaced with sushi and Christmas pudding with birthday cake as all staff enjoyed a great evening which we hope to replicate for our Easter event!