Shane English Schools Taiwan routinely offers courses that no other schools are able to, and this summer was no exception. From August 1st to 5th, Shane held its first Golf Academy Summer Camp.

Because a typhoon swooped across Taiwan, which caused delays and flooding at the camp’s original site, the show went on at an alternate venue.

The camp was originally planned as an activity for 18 students, but due to the phenomenal interest from parents and students, there were 36 students signed up in total.

With a program designed by USGTA certified coach Kerry Nockolds, and instruction by teachers with experience playing golf, the students were split into groups of 12 and then taught different aspects of golf. Each day consisted of each group getting an hour of coaching on how to swing the golf club (and hit a ball) and then an hour of putting practice.

By the end of the week the results were very impressive as most of the students were able to hit what can only be described as good golf shots.

The success of the academy has led to the plans for a winter camp next year.