Saxoncourt is proud to announce the addition of Shane Korea to our global group of companies. Husband and wife team, Jack Glowacki and Jaekyoung (JK) Lee, recently signed on as Shane’s master franchise partners for South Korea. The headquarters, and flagship school, will be based in the southern city of Ulsan. The school will open this September and will focus on young learners.

Jack and Jaekyoung recently spent a week at Saxoncourt’s Taipei office for master franchise training, and participated in our TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) course. All of the departments did a fantastic job instructing them in our methods. Jack and JK will be off to a successful start upon their return to the land of kimchi. We wish them many happy Shane sub-franchisees and many years of success!

Eric Peterson
Business Development Director
Saxoncourt Corporate Office

Our week long adventure in Taiwan started on a Sunday evening and ended on the following Saturday morning. Upon arrival in our Taipei hotel in the wee Monday hours, we managed to get only a few hours of rest — literally five — before heading out to the Saxoncourt head office in order to meet the crew of dedicated Shane staff and trainers. Jaekyoung and I were absolutely thrilled to see the Shane teaching style in action. Without exaggeration, I’d like to describe as the most effective teaching style I have ever seen…EVER!…and I have seen many in my 15 years of teaching.

Taipei itself is pretty cool as large cities go, and despite us holding little affection towards any large city, we enjoyed our short stay. Mostly due to the fantastic variety of cuisine present, both local and imported. This combined with the overall undemanding demeanour of the local residents, definitely made Taiwan and its capital city a potential candidate for extended stopovers.

Jaekyoung and I would like to extend our utmost gratitude and appreciation to the dedicated team at the Saxoncourt head offices, who in addition to doing an amazing job of running the place are genuinely nice and warm people. We hope that one day we can return the warm and comfortable welcome we have received, and we look forward to a long and robust relationship.

Jack Glowacki
School Director
Shane Korea

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