At the beginning of March 2019, Saxoncourt Poland signed a contract with Talent Place, a recruitment agency that provides multinational companies, in and outside of Poland, the confidence to make an informed hiring decision by ensuring that job applicants have the right skills in advance.

With the continual increase of multinational company investments in Poland, employers need to be 100% certain that applicants have the literacy skills they claim to have. Saxoncourt Poland helps create a short list by conducting language audits from which the language skills of candidates are verified. The assessments identify and confirm a candidates ability to use the target language in a professional setting.

Objective assessments of language skills help guarantee precise financial investments towards necessary competencies and our audits are used as a tool to make objective and detailed evaluations of English, Italian, German, Spanish, French and Russian language skills.  The audits include both written production and spoken interaction and are administered by native speakers of each language, ensuring a reliable and objective assessment.

Since the start of our cooperation in March, we have conducted 32 audits and there is no end in sight.