When the weather warms up and the sun comes out, everyone wants to get outside. Here are some fun outdoor activities to supplement an EFL summer program and have some fun. The students may learn a little something, too.

Summer is here! And that means it’s time to ditch the classroom and take your students outside for some fun in the sun. Changing up the learning environment is a great way to re-engage learners and let students practice their knowledge in a new environment.

Here are two of my favourite summer camp outdoor activities that with a little EFL twist that will have your kids practising their English skills without even realising it.

1. Scavenger Hunts

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt?

Not only are they fun to put together, but your students will love them and have so much fun learning at the same time.

For beginners, base the hunt around vocabulary they know. For example, if you have been learning about plants and animals create a hunt around that topic and get your kids out of the classroom and exploring the great outdoors. It’s a great way to reinforce the vocabulary and stimulate kinesthetic students.

For advanced students, you can focus your hunt around certain parts of speech. For example, instead of having students search for nouns you can switch things up by focusing on adjectives. Students will then have to find objects that can be described “beautiful”; “short”; “young” etc.

And to keep your kids entertained, you can add a dose of technology. Ask your students to take photos or selfies with the objects they find rather than bringing them back to class.

2. Geocaching

Ever tried geocaching? It’s a game people play all over the world that involves finding a container of hidden items by following GPS coordinates.

If you have been teaching your students about direction, this geocache inspired game will turn them into intrepid explorers in no time.

Instead of using coordinates, give your students a set of written instructions that will lead them to a hidden prize.

And to amp up the competition factor, you can introduce an element of orienteering into your activity. Divide your students up into groups and give each group a set of unique directions.

Each team will need to race against the clock to find the points on their map in a particular order. To prove that they went to the right stop at the right time, leave different stamps at each geo-location point.

Whoever gets back to the finish line first with all the correct stamps wins!

Soak up the sun and fun at English Camp

Whether you try these activities at a summer English camp or decide to mix up your usual classroom routine, your lesson plans are bound to make the grade.

What are some of your favourite summer-themed EFL activities? Let us know on Twitter!

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About the Author

Lauren Melnick is a South African travel blogger and ESL teacher currently living in Ubon, Thailand. When she isn’t making lesson plans and watching nursery rhymes on YouTube, you can find her eating up a storm, taking selfies with dinosaurs, and planning her next adventure.

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