vietnam open 04-2013The official Opening Day for District 3 school took place on 28th of April 2013. We opened the school up from 8.30 – 11.00 allowing students new and current to see our premises. The day was marked with a lot of performances from our students at District 10 school and we encouraged each of them to bring a friend along. 

Students began to arrive as soon as we opened the doors at 7.30. We directed the students to their assigned classrooms while the parents and other guests waited at the reception enjoying our drinks and snacks. The day started out with some fun games for all the students. The teacher played a variety of games such as ‘Head down, Thumbs up’, ‘What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?’, ‘4 corners’, ‘Taboo’, ‘Teacher says’ and ‘Stop the bus’.

After the games we had a variety of planned activities depending on the students’ levels and ages. With our CK and CP classes we played pass the parcel, sang lots of songs and created a beautiful collage with all the students getting involved. Our youngest CL classes read popular children’s books and created their own comic books. We taught the next level of CL some fun songs and dance moves. 

Our older CL students were taught the secrets of magic whilst all our CH students were involved in a drama workshop. Our CJ classes learned all about ancient Roman history.

We also ran a very successful writing competition. Prizes were awarded for the top three entries in each of the categories (CL, CH and CJ). The winning students were presented with a prize and will have their work displayed in the school. 

The day finished off at 11.00 with the students feeling very happy. Some went home with extra prizes and everyone went home with great memories of their day at our District 3 school. The day was so much fun that we are considering making it a regular event, as it was enjoyed equally by students and teachers.

Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work, the staff at Shane Vietnam really pulled together to make the day a success with the school hosting about 250 students and guests. It was nice to see so many bright, happy faces at our beautiful new school in District 3.