Shane English School Zhangjiagang introduced itself to the local community with demonstration classes on June 15th 2013. The demonstrations began at 9:30 in the morning and continued throughout the day and weekend at the school’s location on Xinshihe Road, near Hengtong Huayuan. More than 60 students at various age levels and their parents were invited to take part in a short sample class to experience what it is like to study English at Shane. 

The students were exposed to a variety of teaching methods including vocabulary drilling, speaking practice, and review games. The classes blended learning with fun in order to pique the children’s interest and inspire them to be enthusiastic about English. Examples of activities included both individual and group speaking practice and interactive games to encourage the students to think in the language of study. After each class individual students were given level assessments to determine their ability and decide which particular class and curriculum is appropriate for their current skills. 

The entire event was an overall success and the Zhangjiagang staff look forward to continued work with their students in the future. Additional demonstration classes were presented on June 22-23 as well as the following weekend. Throughout the summer they will be offering special courses focusing on reading, phonics, and drama. 

Shane English School’s goal is to create an atmosphere of “English for Life” for its students, helping them to learn practical English skills that they can use in ordinary life situations. We create an English immersion environment so that children can learn in a natural setting. This allows the students to improve their English through continued exposure to incidental language. 

Congratulations to Shane English School Zhangjiagang on a successful opening ceremony and good luck for the future!