In 2018, the Saxoncourt Group has released its newest educational tool: the Shane Spelling Bee mobile app. The app is currently available worldwide on the App Store and on the Google Play Store.

The Shane Spelling Bee is designed to simulate a live spelling bee using Shane English School’s curriculum. The free app includes spelling practice for levels 1 to 3; the words come from Shane English School’s SPEC series, Books 1 to 3. Shane Spelling Bee’s full potential is unlocked with in-app purchases (or Shane English School students are eligible to get student numbers assigned to unlock all content).

In their first session, users choose a username that appears on leaderboards. Once signed in, there are three levels of gamified spelling activities:

  • Practice mode that is unscored.
  • Standard mode where scoring puts usernames up on leaderboards.
  • Timed mode where users get as many correct words as possible within a time limit.

To play a round, users select the level they want to practice and then set the options for that round. They can choose how many words they want to practice, and whether or not they get assistance in the form of image prompts and letter spacing. And then the user goes through the spelling bee with audio prompts (in British and American accents). At the end of each round, points are assigned and added to the user’s total for a place on the leaderboards. And then they can do it again!

The app was designed as a learning tool to help Shane English School students practice the spelling words found in their textbooks, but the format of the app is such that it will assist any students with their spelling and vocabulary retention. Specifically, students can develop skills in:

  • spelling and phonics
  • learning and retaining vocabulary
  • listening comprehension (in multiple accents)
  • having fun while learning!

The app is available on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). To find out more about the app or to get student numbers for your school, contact us here.