Shane Taiwan Regional Support Centre10th September was a landmark date for Shane Taiwan operations, as it saw the first day of operation of the Shane Taiwan Regional Support Centre (RSC) in the town of NanTun, Taichung.

Taichung, which literally means “Centre of Taiwan” is a key location for the growth of the brand to the central and southern parts of the island. The RSC is located minutes from the new High Speed Railway and makes it extremely convenient for connecting with all parts of Taiwan. So the new RSC is a key move toward the next growth phase for the Shane franchise brand in Taiwan.

The new RSC is the base for the new warehouse facility for SEST and Saxoncourt Publishing. With the expansion of the Saxoncourt Publishing product line (New Editions SPEC 6-9 and Crest Readers 1-10), the needs for a new warehouse were necessary. Thanks to all the staff in SEST that were involved in the move from Taipei to Taichung, a smooth move was managed with great efficiency, resulting in only 1 afternoon of suspended operations in the warehouse, quite some achievement!!!

In addition to the warehouse facility, the opportunity to open a strategically central office to support and grow the franchise brand of Shane was one that was too good to pass up. This action will enable Shane Taiwan to further extend our commitment and services to the Franchise group of schools.

The grand opening will be in a few weeks’ time, but already the team that will be working from the RSC has been assembled. Welcome, Fanny Wang the new warehouse staff, and also the Regional Support Centre Manager, Maggie Chen who is moving from an SEST Kindergarten Principal position to support the Franchise business.