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TheĀ goal at Shane English SchoolĀ is for our students to improve their English and to develop the ability to speak, write, and understand English with confidence. Compared with more traditional schools, our teaching methodsĀ encourageĀ students toĀ thinkĀ in English and useĀ itĀ naturally.Ā Ā 

Teaching Methods

Shane English School’s teaching methods include both time-tested principles and the latest in educational theory and pedagogy.

Teaching Materials

As part of the Saxoncourt Group, Shane English School has is own curriculum optimised for its teaching outcomes and style.

A Wide Range of English Courses

There are Shane English School courses for all ages and ability levels. Find out whatā€™s available in your region.


Education technology continues to advance every year. While e-learning is not likely to replace teachers anytime soon, it is a useful tool to supplement traditional classes.

Why Learn English with Shane?

Find out why you should learn English with Shane English School, one of the world’s premier language learning organisations.

Learning Tips Blog

How Procrastination Affects You

How Procrastination Affects You

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Elaboration as a Learning Technique

Elaboration as a Learning Technique

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3 Common Mistakes in Language Learning

3 Common Mistakes in Language Learning

We make many mistakes that hinder our progress while learning a language and often rely on our intuition. However, when it comes to language learning, intuition can be one of your biggest enemies.Ā  What appears intuitively logical can slows you down and cause bad...