The number of people learning more that one foreign language in Poland has increased in recent years, especially since Poland joined the European Union in 2004. This development has led to success for the teaching of foreign languages in Poland, mainly because bilingualism, rather than monolingualism, has become the norm. Being able to speak and write in only one or two languages is no longer enough in Poland’s multicultural business market. English has become the main office language for many foreign companies, and employees are willing to further develop themselves by learning additional languages to better compete in the global market.

Saxoncourt Poland offers the most popular European languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and a more exotic language – Polish to foreigners, of course. Many of our foreign language courses are taught through dual language instruction where native speakers of a specific language explain grammatical structures and provide synonyms of unknown vocabulary in English. For example, a number of our clients receive Spanish language tuition in both Spanish and English.

Company employees are learning more languages because of urgent calls from business sectors. What is amiable about learning the language of your business partners, is learning empathy for another culture. Our clients are able to understand more than just the language, which helps them become better business professionals and makes it easier for them to have long-term business relationships.

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