Shane English School Taiwan (SEST) is very pleased to announce their first ever Trinity College Diploma TESOL course has been successfully completed. SEST is the only provider of this qualification in the whole of Taiwan, and this is reinforcement of SEST’s goals in the area of teacher development as part of SEST’s “Career Development Scheme”. The long road to Diploma success started back in 2010 when the SEST Principal worked with Shane English School Japan on how we would be able to run this very important but demanding teaching qualification. Logistic issues were the biggest challenge, as examiners needed to be flown over to Taiwan in order to fulfill the stringent examination process. The teaching exams, written exams, phonology exams and coursework were all duly completed with the results finally arriving in late January and Diploma certificates arriving by late February. This course was an excellent step on the journey of continued professional development.