children-in-need-2014Staff at Shane Global Hastings raised an incredible £141 for this worthy charity on 28/11/14.

We held a raffle and had many prizes donated from staff. Some of the prizes were: our school café donated a free lunch, local attractions donated free tickets and the local coffee shop donated a wonderful ceramic Xmas mug which Steve had his eye on. When the raffle was drawn, this mug was chosen by a student… poor Steve. Steve then had to go and answer a telephone call… and in his absence he won a raffle prize… so being the nice staff that we are we chose his prize for him… a mug… saying ‘Miss High Maintenance!!’ Not quite the same but he saw the funny side.

One of the teachers baked a Pudsey Bear (Children in Need mascot) cake and everyone had to guess the weight.
We had ‘name the bear’ which Athea won and ‘guess how many sweets in the jar’. There was also a quiz and a table tennis tournament, so plenty of opportunity to win something.

Bertie, our school mascot (owned by one of the teachers) also came along.
The entry fee to the event was £2.50 for every person in the school… for this they were daubed with a coloured spot (all staff had to wear something spotty… including Bertie) and they received a plate of edible goodies (home-baked buns and Pudsey bear biscuits… painstakingly iced by Frederique) and a hot chocolate drink with lashings of squirty cream and chocolate sprinkles.