In 2017, Shane English School Taiwan (SEST) cooperated with the Prudence Foundation to promote Cha-Ching. Inspired by the sound of a cash register opening, Cha-Ching is designed to teach young people how to be smart with money. Cha-Ching’s class includes six cartoon characters who help children learn about the fundamental money management concepts of Earn, Save, Spend, and Donate.

In the class, students can learn the basic concept of how to manage their own money through board games, cartoons and role play. We are happy to announce that we are going to open English Cha-Ching classes in our HQ-owned schools. The WenHua branch and Roosevelt branch in will offer the classes in August and September. The classes are totally free, and we hope many students to come to join us to roll out the new program.

On 21st July, there was a press conference held by Prudence Foundation, Cha-Ching’s class was officially launched. Here are some highlights of that day (link in Chinese).

Or click here to see Cha-Ching’s YouTube channel.