On Mar 23, 2018 Shane English School Taiwan held its franchise meeting at National Taiwan Normal University (國立臺灣師範大學).  The keynote presentation was a teaching seminar for brand new courses and materials.

Shane English School is a 41-Year brand that focuses on English teaching that keeps improving itself to become a more professional and unique in English teaching resource.

This year, we are glad to introduce our new courses and materials to you. It includes Total English Secondary (TES) Course, which will replace our Children’s Elementary Advanced (CEA) and Children’s Junior (CJ) courses for junior high school students. We are also rolling out Rising Stars, which will replace our existing Children’s Kindergarten (CK) and Children’s Kindergarten Intensive (CKI) programs. We are also introducing an ESL course update (Math and teacher’s manual) and rolling out GEPT courses.

Our partners attended new courses seminar, presented by Academic Director Toby Shaw presented, and had a good interaction with franchisees and DTEs. According to Shaw, “It was great to see everyone who managed to make the trip up to Taipei, as this was a fantastic chance to update schools on the progress we’ve made on refreshing our courses in 2018. This is a big year for new courses and materials, and I’m looking forward to seeing their positive impact in the classroom.”

Why don’t you take some time to visit our schools? We can’t wait to meet you and show you all the exciting new developments.