The following has been translated from Simplified Chinese. It has been edited for clarity and flow.

On June 18, the weather was fine, the breeze blew, and Shane English School’s students and parents followed the foreign teacher Aaron’s lead to the islands near Shengxiwan to experience the fun of sailing.

There was blue sky, sea, a breeze, and seagulls. It seemed sailing was more than a leisure activity. It embodied the harmony between man and nature and between human wisdom and strength.

In the course of the sailing experience, the children and Aaron learned about hull structure, a sailor knot, the sail, the helm, and seagulls. These have given the children a great interest and affection for the sea. We have said that in the future will better cherish marine resources and protect the marine environment.

Of course, English learning was also very important, so students chatted with Aaron and everyone enjoyed themselves. The children used English to express themselves for navigation, and we all had something more to say.

There is an old saying [translated… really]: Pics or it didn’t happen. We feel the joy of sailing brought us a very special truth, as you can see in our photos.

Let’s learn from professional coaches how to tie knots!

We’re ready to go! We’re ready to go to sea!

Let’s take sail! Work with coaches at the helm!

There are many wonderful photos that we hope others don’t regret missing the event (too much). In the near future, Shane English School Dalian will have an even better event presented to everyone, and we look forward to everyone involved!