I am writing to give my opinion, so far on my journey living and working in china for Shane English. To begin with first, I am 25 years’ old, my name is Usman (Ozzie is my nickname) from Manchester England.

After completing my [TEFL] course in the summer of last year. I asked the company I did it with, if they could pass my details over to any company that is interested in hiring. A few days went by anD Shane English got in touch with me. I had my first skype interview, with [Saxoncourt Recruitment] in Taiwan. It went smoothly, and I got a big insight into the company and realised how big it was and that it covered different countries around the globe. I was advised there was positions available in China, so my details where passed to Shane English in Zhangjiagang, China.

A few days went by and they got in touch. We had an interview, everything went great and I felt this city was a great place to begin my journey, due to the modernisation of it, considered a clean city and also a model city. I got all my documents in check and flew out to China in November 2017.

My overall feeling was an overwhelming sensation, new country, language etc. But I was ready to immerse myself with in it. I was picked up by the school and everyone was friendly and very welcoming.  The first few months where difficult to adjust find my way about and just adjusting to a whole new culture and their way of doing things.

But I can honestly say I am enjoying every moment being here, the people are friendly and helpful. The staff at Shane have been great and if I needed anything they have been there for me. I have to give credit to Shane for helping me realise my dream and being able to seize the moment. I had always wanted to travel but was worried about one thing or another.

But when Shane came along I made the jump and I have not looked back since. I implore anyone to join Shane English. It will develop you as a person and even bring out qualities in you never thought you had.

My overall opinion Shane English is a wonderful company to work for and an opportunity you can’t miss.

Ozzie is Shane English Foreign English Teacher in Zhangjiagang, China.

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One of my CELTA trainers recommended Shane English [School] to me as the best option for professional development in Asia for someone with limited teaching experience. Within a month of completing my CELTA course, I sent my first TEFL resume to Saxoncourt, inquiring about an opportunity in Japan. Shane’s recruiting department contacted me the next day and notified me that there were pressing growth opportunities in China, and asked if I’d be interested in considering any of those. Having long been curious about China, and excited about the idea of learning some Chinese, I replied that I was interested, and that led to the interview process.

The interview process, which included a written pre-interview task, was thorough and left me impressed with the company. Following the interview, I was offered a contract, which I accepted the following day. The visa process was lengthy, but the people at Shane were helpful in walking me through the process. I arrived in China in October of 2017 for a week of training with our Director of Studies in Beijing. Having previously only taught adolescents and adults, and not young children, I needed direction. I completed modules on teaching young learners and Shane methodology and resources, observed a handful of lessons, and then taught several observed lessons before departing for my city. I arrived in Nanchang confident in my ability to plan and administer lessons that adhered to the Shane curriculum.

The first four months of teaching in Nanchang have been some of the most rewarding of my life. I’ve never eaten tastier food, the people are kind, the children are fun, and the language is fascinating. Of course, there are challenges. I work each week to improve as a teacher, and I’ve got a lot to learn. But I’m thankful to have the support of an experienced and outgoing Director of Studies, and I’ve also been fortunate to meet experienced teachers within the Shane network, people’s whose experience I can lean on as we grow our new school and as I develop professionally.

I’m glad I made the decision to come to China, and I’m glad I decided to come with Shane. With Shane, I feel that I have support and guidance and also professional autonomy, space to develop without pressure to conform to a rigid orthodoxy. I also know that, as an international company, there are potential future opportunities as Shane continues to expand in China and throughout Asia.

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“After coming to Taiwan with the intention of only living and teaching here for a year, I somehow find myself in my third year with Shane English School and no intention of leaving any time soon. I arrived with very little teaching experience, however the excellent training provided by Shane really set me up for stepping into the classroom for the first time. The predominantly young students at Shane generally learn through various games and fun classroom activities, making it an enjoyable environment for both the students and the teacher. Not a day goes by when I am not laughing and having fun with my students!”

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“Teaching for Shane English School has given me all the opportunities I have wanted to gain experience as a teacher. The first week of training was very helpful to me as a first time teacher because we learned exactly how each lesson should be set up and how to utilize fun games with each lesson. They continue to support us by setting up observations by senior teachers who can give us advice on how to improve our lessons. Furthermore I believe the friendly atmosphere in the office has helped me grow as a teacher because I can always ask my manager, teaching assistants or other teachers for advice. This is the perfect job for first time teachers who wish to live abroad.”

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“Teaching at Shane English School was my first experience working abroad. I found the training and staff to be professional and helpful, especially during the initial transition phase. I truly believe the fun, active learning style at Shane English School to be ideal for the students. They enjoy learning and the classroom is full of excitement and enthusiasm! This learning style is unique and innovative compared to other English schools in Asia.”

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“I have been working at Shane English School for six years. I enjoy working at Shane because I like the organization and teaching style it offers. I believe that Shane offers a unique learning atmosphere, that other ESL schools don’t offer. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and lifetime experiences working for Shane.”

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