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English Very Young Learners

Our English kindergarten classes have specially trained staff who are equipped to handle the needs of very young learners to ensure a safe and productive learning environment. Find out more about our English courses for kindergartners!

English for Young Learners

English is an indispensable tool for achieving your child’s dreams. Our world-class English schools have guided the English studies of future scientists, politicians, and business people for four decades. Find out more about our English courses for children!


English for Teens

Our English courses for teenagers teach real-world topics and real-life functions and have a strong international focus, which prepares students for success at university. Find out more about our English courses for teenagers!

Want another type of class?

We have a number of other regional offerings based on student needs. Find out what else Shane English School can do for you.

Language Learning Tips

Want the latest from our Language Learning Tips blog? Check them out on our Language Learning Tips Blog.

The Beginner’s Guide to Learning English

The Beginner’s Guide to Learning English

When you’re just starting out learning English, there’s a lot to learn and the idea of it can be daunting. To make it easier, there are several strategies and tips that can take you from beginner to talking in no time. Set goals for your...

Text and Message Like a Native

Text and Message Like a Native

These days, most communication comes via technology and social media. This means a lot of texting and messaging! Just like what probably happens in your own language, when sending messages in English, there are lots of slang and shortened ways...

5 Apps That Will Improve Your English

5 Apps That Will Improve Your English

Apps are one of the best ways to help you on your journey of learning English. They are convenient because you can use them on your cell phone, which is something that you always carry with you. Apps are also a lot of fun as many of them are...

Why Learn English with Shane?

Find out why you should learn English with Shane English School, one of the world’s premier language learning organisations.

Digital Learning Tools

In the Digital Age, there are more options than ever for language learners. Shane English School has its own digital learning tools, starting with the Shane Spelling Bee app.

The Shane Spelling Bee app is designed to mimic live spelling bees and give Shane English School students worldwide another way to practice vocabulary and spelling.

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Teaching at Shane English School


Teaching Methods

Shane English Schools uses time-tested teaching methods – with constant adjustments for the latest updates – to teach English to students worldwide.

Teaching Materials

Shane English Schools use textbooks from its own Saxoncourt Publishing. All books have been designed to best utilise established methods.

Teaching Vacancies

Teachers at Shane English Schools worldwide are highly qualified native English speakers. And with so many schools, there are always opportunities.

Teaching Tips

Benefit from Shane English Schools’ 40+ years of experience in our collection of teaching tips. Check them out on our Teaching Tips Blog.

Top 5 Games That Every TEFL Teacher Should Know

Top 5 Games That Every TEFL Teacher Should Know

Every TEFL teacher has their favourite games and activities that they use time and time again. There are many games which are better suited to certain age groups (or even certain nationalities!) but there are also games which can be adapted to suit any learner group....

Student and Parent Guide: What to Do Over the Summer Break

Student and Parent Guide: What to Do Over the Summer Break

The upcoming summer break is an opportunity for all students to rest and "recharge their batteries" for the next school year. However, the excess of free time can have negative effects if it is not fulfilled in an interesting, but also a useful way. Taking a two-month...

How to Develop Student Self-Efficacy

How to Develop Student Self-Efficacy

Student self-efficacy is a fancy term which educators use when talking about students’ confidence and belief in their ability to learn something. A student with strong self-efficacy learns quicker and is more confident using English than a student who does not believe...


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New Release: Shane Spelling Bee App

New Release: Shane Spelling Bee App

In 2018, the Saxoncourt Group has released its newest educational tool: the Shane Spelling Bee mobile app. The app is currently available worldwide on the App Store and on the Google Play Store. The Shane Spelling Bee is designed to simulate a live spelling bee using...

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