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English Very Young Learners

Our English kindergarten classes have specially trained staff who are equipped to handle the needs of very young learners to ensure a safe and productive learning environment. Find out more about our English courses for kindergartners!

English for Young Learners

English is an indispensable tool for achieving your child’s dreams. Our world-class English schools have guided the English studies of future scientists, politicians, and business people for four decades. Find out more about our English courses for children!


English for Teens

Our English courses for teenagers teach real-world topics and real-life functions and have a strong international focus, which prepares students for success at university. Find out more about our English courses for teenagers!

Want another type of class?

We have a number of other regional offerings based on student needs. Find out what else Shane English School can do for you.

Language Learning Tips

Want the latest from our Language Learning Tips blog? Check them out on our Language Learning Tips Blog.

How to Get the Most Out of Online Learning

Twenty years ago, when Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee launched the world wide web not much was known about the countless possibilities it would offer – shopping from the convenience of your crib, learning a new language or skill while...

7 Ways To Use English Daily

Use it or lose it! Learning a language means you have to be an active user to do well. It has to be every day. The more you are around English and you put English in your environment (e.g. the more you use and see it), the faster you...

English Conversation Starters

Do you want to speak in English but you don’t know how to get started? You’ve made the connections, but it can be difficult to actually start the conversation. Making what is called “small talk” is an excellent way to improve your English because it gets you used to...

Why Learn English with Shane?

Find out why you should learn English with Shane English School, one of the world’s premier language learning organisations.

Digital Learning Tools

In the Digital Age, there are more options than ever for language learners. Shane English School has its own digital learning tools, starting with the Shane Spelling Bee app.

The Shane Spelling Bee app is designed to mimic live spelling bees and give Shane English School students worldwide another way to practice vocabulary and spelling.

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Teaching at Shane English School


Teaching Methods

Shane English Schools uses time-tested teaching methods – with constant adjustments for the latest updates – to teach English to students worldwide.

Teaching Materials

Shane English Schools use textbooks from its own Saxoncourt Publishing. All books have been designed to best utilise established methods.

Teaching Vacancies

Teachers at Shane English Schools worldwide are highly qualified native English speakers. And with so many schools, there are always opportunities.

Teaching Tips

Benefit from Shane English Schools’ 40+ years of experience in our collection of teaching tips. Check them out on our Teaching Tips Blog.

The Differences Between Teaching Live and Teaching Online

Teaching, according to Britannica is “the profession of those who give instruction especially in an elementary or a secondary school or in a university”.  Teaching is a significant job that helps create an impact on the lives of others and its history can be traced to...

Teaching Adults English: Tips for Teaching Business English

Teaching Business English has some similarities to teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL); however, there are also some differences. If you are here, reading this article, you are on the right track as we are going to explore their similarities and differences...

5 More Games That Every TEFL Teacher Should Know

Whether you’re a newbie teacher or have been imparting your knowledge for years, you can always do with some extra games up your sleeve! Following on from our article ‘Top 5 games that every TEFL teacher should know’, here we have 5 more games that you can introduce...


Learn more about teaching English at Shane English Schools.

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Shane English School News

Saxoncourt Poland Checks Competencies in Six Languages

At the beginning of March 2019, Saxoncourt Poland signed a contract with Talent Place, a recruitment agency that provides multinational companies, in and outside of Poland, the confidence to make an informed hiring decision by ensuring that job applicants have the...

Ringing in the New Year with New Friends

Right between the International New Year (1 January) and Lunar New Year (this year it falls on 5 February), Saxoncourt Taiwan and Shane Education got together to ring in the New Year together. New friends and old came together for a...

Are you looking for a teaching job?

All job vacancies at Shane English School go through our recruitment arm, Saxoncourt Recruitment. To learn more about job opportunities worldwide, visit www.saxoncourt.com.


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