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Teaching Teens EFL

POSTED ON October 4th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Working with early-teenaged students can be frustrating. Many of your old tricks won’t work, and they may wreak havoc on your old ideas for scoring systems.  Don’t despair! Teaching teens EFL is certainly challenging, but it’s not impossible. They simply have different needs. With some adjustments, the PPP method can be applied just as [...]

Conversation for Adult EFL Students

POSTED ON September 29th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
A conversation stage should be seen as an integral part of virtually all adult lessons.  Conversations will range from the very guided session with low-level students to freer and less structured chats with higher levels.  The teacher needs to bear in mind the level and capabilities of the students when planning a conversation stage. [...]

How Assigning Homework Improves Your University ESL Class

POSTED ON September 20th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Homework is a staple of core classes in universities. In the ESL classroom, it can be a valuable motivational tool. Here is how one English teacher used homework to elicit more enthusiasm and participation from his students. You can do this in your classroom, too. Your first week as an ESL teacher at a university […]

Top 7 Basic Teaching Tips for ESL Teachers

POSTED ON September 12th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Teaching is a valuable and rewarding profession. It can be a challenging career path, however, so it can be helpful to get a few tips from teachers who have blazed the trails for you. Here are some top tips for teachers new and old. Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions out there, and it […]

A Fair Reward System in a Class of Young Learners

POSTED ON September 7th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
It’s helpful to learn what reward methods have worked for other teachers. In this experience-based how-to, a former ESL teacher lays out the steps he took to craft a reward system uniquely suited to his class of eight to nine-year-olds. Young ESL learners need to learn and have fun. They also need to stay focused […]

Top Teaching Tips for First-Time Teachers

POSTED ON August 30th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
It’s the start of a new school year all over the world. Students are nervous, but so are teachers. No one is more scared of the first day of school than a new teacher. Here are some tips for first-time teachers. You can do it! So here you are – you’ve gone and acquired an […]

3 Fun Creative EFL Art Activities for Your Classroom

POSTED ON August 23rd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
EFL art activities are a fun way to supplement English learning with language-based tasks that engage the senses in a fun and interesting way. Though not all programs have built-in time for arts and crafts, these activities fit nicely into vacation classes, summer camps, and classes for very young learners. Remember when you were a […]

7 Phonics Games and Activities for Kids

POSTED ON August 16th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Phonics skills are the foundation of good reading, but there’s more to phonics than drills and memorization. Here are a few fun games to make phonics fun again (or the first time). 1. Hunt the Flashcard Hide flashcards of letters/clusters around the room, then shout them out one at a time. Kids race to find […]

5 Alternative Methods for Teaching Language

POSTED ON August 8th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
The PPP method is great for your Shane English Schools’ SPEC books, but what happens when your students are more advanced? There are a number of alternate methods that can engage and interest your students. These methods can be used with upper-level classes within the Shane Schools curriculum, though they can be supplemental in any [...]

5 Tips for Teaching Very Young Learners

POSTED ON August 2nd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Teaching very young learners is challenging at the best of times, especially if you are working in an unfamiliar language. There are no shortcuts to a happy, engaged class, but there are things that the teacher can do the make the learning experience better for everyone involved. Here is a short list to get you […]