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5 Great Christmas-Themed Vocabulary Activities

POSTED ON December 16th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it is time for some festive Christmas ESL activities in the classroom. If you are teaching in a country which doesn’t celebrate Christmas, this is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about your culture while helping them to expand their vocabulary. Here are 5 Christmas […]

3 Differences between Teaching Children and Adults

POSTED ON December 13th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Teaching is a skill unto itself, but teachers need to modify their styles to accommodate their students. One of the most critical factors in determining a student’s abilities is their age. Even when teaching the same material, there are major differences between teaching children and adults. Being a TEFL teacher will open you to a […]

How To Teach Grammar Effectively

POSTED ON December 6th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
A grammar lesson can make students and teachers alike cringe, whether it is in a regular class or during observation by fellow educators. Worst is the latter as you can expect quite a lot of comments. We all have different ways of teaching grammar to English-as-a-Foreign Language (EFL) students, but you do need to teach it effectively (and [...]

How to Motivate Teenagers to Learn English

POSTED ON November 29th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Teaching teens English isn’t as scary as it sounds. You just need to know how to motivate teenagers to learn English. It’s certainly challenging, but it’s not impossible. Many teachers ask themselves how to motivate teenagers to learn English, but motivation is a tricky thing. Motivating someone to do something (even [...]

5 Fun ESL Games For Engaging Kinesthetic Learners

POSTED ON November 22nd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Kinesthetic learners have just one of many learning styles you’ll come across, but they often need a little extra help. Make sure your class suits all learning styles by adding a few special activities that are fun for everyone. Have you ever had a student who just couldn’t sit still? Or constantly needed to be […]

6 Tips for Teaching English to Adult Learners

POSTED ON November 15th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Walking into class and meeting students can be easy, but teaching them can be something of a complex and arduous process. If you’re green to teaching and find it challenging to engage students, then here are some tips to help you the next time you walk into your class. Teaching English to adult learners has […]

5 EFL Warm-up Activities to Switch Students’ Minds to English

POSTED ON November 8th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Using a warm-up activity is a great way to get students in the zone. They are fun and engaging, but they also help students make that cognitive shift from their native language to English. Adding EFL warm-up activities to a class is essential. If you teach English in a foreign country, chances are that country’s official […]

How to Use Authentic Texts in Class

POSTED ON November 2nd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Knowing how to use authentic texts in class is like having a secret weapon against boredom and routine. The use of real-world examples of English benefits students’ fluency while providing a welcome break from potentially monotonous coursebooks. Most TEFL teachers are trained to use coursebooks in their classrooms. Very often schools [...]

Classroom Management in the EFL Classroom

POSTED ON October 26th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Classroom management is a challenge for all teachers. Even the most experienced teachers find it difficult to keep a class on track. Here are a few ideas to help maintain order in your next class. Many good teachers have arrived in the classroom on their first day, fresh and filled with optimism, only to be derailed […]

Teaching English to East Asian Language Learners

POSTED ON October 18th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips, Uncategorized
East Asia is one of the biggest markets in the world for English language learning and one of the most daunting for language teachers. Aside from the far-flung geographical location, another thing that puts people off teaching in East Asia is the popular stereotype of the Asian language learner. Teaching English to East Asian language learners [...]