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5 Ways to Make Learning Fun and Interesting

POSTED ON February 21st  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Teaching is more than just communicating ideas. It’s just as important to make learning fun. While some teachers do this naturally, others need some help keeping the class engaging and interesting. Whichever type of teacher you are, here are some ideas that are sure to take your teaching to the next level. Make learning fun! […]

5 English Practice Games for Reading and Writing

POSTED ON February 14th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
It’s just not possible to have too many English practice games at your disposal. They assist in both learning and retention by engaging students in a positive way. Here are 5 English games to helps students practice their reading and writing. In case you’re wondering, this is why you should play games in class. Alphabet Relay […]

8 Tips for Teaching English One-on-One

POSTED ON February 8th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
While it may seem simpler than teaching large classes, teaching English one-on-one has its own challenges. There aren’t nearly as many students to contribute to the class, which means that the bulk of speaking, reading, and writing falls on just one student. It can also mean that the teacher needs to have much more prepared […]

Another 7 Drills for Language Learners

POSTED ON February 2nd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Make sure to use a variety of drills for language learners. Here are a few more handy drills to add to your repertoire to keep your students happy, engaged, and progressing. Drills for language learners make up a large part of most EFL teachers’ days and with good reason. The structured activities give students a solid […]

11 Language Drills to Help Your Students Practice

POSTED ON January 24th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips, Uncategorized
Language drills produce the maximum amount of language by the maximum amount of students in a concentrated time. Thus it is the most efficient, effective means of initially practising target language while producing confidence and competence in students. Language drills do not have to be a dry or static stage of the lesson, employing mere [...]

Teaching Phonics: Acting Out Sounds

POSTED ON January 17th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Teaching phonics can be more than just drilling. While flashcards and charts of sounds have their places, sometimes it helps students to get up out of their seats and move around a bit. Teaching phonics gets a lot easier with some variety. It’s possible to put down the flashcards and worksheets for a bit and […]

Why Do We Play EFL Games in Class?

POSTED ON January 10th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
EFL games play a huge part in students’ educational journeys. Many young EFL learners spend a lot of time every day in school and then attend additional classes in the evening.  Therefore, when they come to us, and in order to keep them coming back to us, we need to make our lessons fun. This […]

Teaching EFL Students Writing

POSTED ON January 5th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Most teachers cringe at the thought of teaching a grammar lesson, but that feeling is intensified when it comes to teaching writing. This is especially true when working with EFL students or teaching a lesson that incorporates writing in the final activity. The reason for this is that these lessons are more often than not […]

9 More EFL Warm-up Activities to Start Your Class Off Right

POSTED ON December 26th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
It’s always a good idea to have some EFL warm-up activities in your back pocket We recently published 5 Warmers to Switch Students’ Minds to English. It barely scratched the surface of all the short, fun activities that can be done as a lead-in to a lesson, or just for fun. So here are some more great […]

Top Tips for Creating Awesome Teaching Materials

POSTED ON December 20th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Making worksheets for English lessons is one of those things that some teachers love and some hate. Most language schools provide textbooks and a structured syllabus for teachers to follow, but even with top quality resources, you’ll still find yourself occasionally needing something extra. Perhaps you need to teach a cover class or plan [...]