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Four Great Ways to Increase Student Talking Time in Your ESL Class

POSTED ON October 5th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Any good ESL teacher knows that an element of a successful class is a high student talking time, compared to a low teacher talking time. If you are new to teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, you might wonder why that is. Here are four reasons why student talking time should be maximised […]

Brain Teasers Students Can Solve in Class

POSTED ON September 26th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Test your logic by answering these questions, and have fun with your students! Don’t worry, we’ve provided you with all the answers below, but no peeking, try to come up with a logical solution by yourselves and activate that grey matter. The brain teasers are divided into three categories to choose from – Easy, Medium, […]

What are Mind Maps and How to Draw Them

POSTED ON September 19th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Drawing mind maps is a powerful graphic technique that increases the potential of our mind. Drawing these maps can be applied in every aspect of our lives to improve learning or clearly define the goals that are ahead of us. With advances in science and medicine, we have come to the realization that everything is […]

Tips to Manage Your ESL Class

POSTED ON September 12th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Classroom management is one of the elements of an ESL class that teachers, especially new ones, struggle with the most. If you think about it, managers in a company usually don’t find that managing their staff is an easy task; thus, good people management skills are key. And people (or children) management in a classroom […]

Cooler Activities for Winding Down

POSTED ON September 5th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Whether you want something soothing to calm students down at the end of class, or are looking for something to get noisy students under control, a cooler activity is just what you need. Fun games and noisy tasks are all well and good, but sometimes what you need is an activity to help students wind […]

10 Tips Teachers Can Give Their Students to Help Them Study at Home

POSTED ON August 29th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Children often fail to adopt healthy studying habits and take responsibility for their schooling, which is usually most noticeable when they move to secondary school. There is so much a parent can do, so it is important that the youngsters get proper guidance from their teachers too. A young child is like a sponge, always […]

How’s Your Board Work?

POSTED ON August 22nd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
There are teaching methodologies, activities, classroom management techniques, and learning styles to consider during each and every class. More often than not, thinking about board work often falls to the side. You may be thinking, what exactly is board work? Board work is how you utilize the whiteboard – or chalkboard – during [...]

Teaching Tips: Activities for Pair-work

POSTED ON August 15th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Group activities are lots of fun, but for maximizing student talking time, you can’t go wrong with some pair-work in the classroom. Smaller groups (and pairs) give more students time to talk and keeps students engaged so that you can monitor more closely. Try out some of these activities for pair-work in your classroom. Back Tracing […]

The Two Sides of Classroom Management for Very Young Learners

POSTED ON August 8th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
  Being the teacher means having to play two roles simultaneously: the warm caregiver and the stern taskmaster. Knowing how to balance the two will mean the difference between a happy attentive class and chaos. During a kindergarten class – or any class full of young learners – things can get out of control very quickly. […]

 6 Favourite ESL Games and Activities to Use in Your Classroom

POSTED ON August 1st  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
In a learning English as a foreign or second language environment, games and other activities form a key part of your lessons. Any ESL teacher knows the value of using a few favourite ESL games and activities in the classroom. It is important to remember that students, whether they are young learners or adults, learn […]