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5 Ways to Use the Power of Smartphones in your ESL Classroom

POSTED ON April 3rd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
If you can’t get your student to stop playing on their phones in the classroom, don’t struggle with it. Embrace it and get students to use their smartphones to learn English in your classroom. Phones in the classroom are often viewed by those of us who teach as an unwelcome distraction preventing students from paying […]

Teaching English to Different Age Groups

POSTED ON March 27th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
In order to best enable children who want to learn or master English, English language classes should be adapted to the age of the students. English language classes are usually held in groups. This is true for children aged 3 to 5 years, that is, pre-school children. But it’s equally so for schoolchildren, both for […]

How to Teach the English Alphabet

POSTED ON March 20th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Teaching your students to recognise, read and write the English alphabet is one of the most basic roles of a TEFL teacher for young/new learners, but how to go about doing it? While teaching the ABC’s may seem like a simple concept, many first time teachers get stuck once they’ve sung the alphabet song a […]

Inter-Disciplinary Lesson Planning: English and Character Development

POSTED ON February 6th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Inter-Disciplinary lessons are a hot potato at the moment – these days it seems like teaching one subject at a time just isn’t enough, and that teachers are integrating elements from different subjects into their classrooms. Similar ideas are being introduced in EFL classrooms. While you might not be finding yourself brushing up on maths [...]

15 Simple Flashcard Games Your Kindy Kids Will Love

POSTED ON January 30th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Whether your classroom is equipped with a computer and projector or not, laminated flashcards are a simple, old-school, and excellent tool to get your students engaged and learning. Perhaps the best thing about them is the unlimited ways you can use them! If you think flashcards are boring or if you are looking for some […]

How to Motivate Young Learners

POSTED ON January 23rd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Whether you’re a newbie or novice teacher, walking into an ESL class full of young learners can be a daunting experience. Not only can these little munchkins not speak your language but most of them can’t sit still in a seat for 5 minutes, either! I used to dread my classes with young elementary school […]

Explaining Abstract Concepts to Language Learners

POSTED ON January 16th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
People have a mental picture of a concrete concept, such as an apple, for example, but it’s very difficult to present a visually abstract idea such as, let’s say, selflessness. Abstract terms use only the most general characteristics for the description of the object. Such terms are “be” or “one.” However, an [...]

CLIL and Teaching English through Maths

POSTED ON January 9th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
When I first came across the acronym CLIL it didn’t mean much to me. I thought here’s another one of the many acronyms that the education sector seems to be full of. I decided to look up what it stood for and what I discovered was that CLIL is quite an exciting teaching proposition. What […]

How to Use Video Clips in Your TEFL Classroom

POSTED ON January 2nd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Technology offers many great resources for language learning, but all too often we see teachers taking advantage or using media clips in the wrong way. How many of you know a teacher who happily plays clips of Mr Bean at every given opportunity, or will spend a whole lesson watching a film in English to […]

Fun Ways to Set New Classroom Intentions for 2018

POSTED ON December 26th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
New Year’s resolutions: love them or hate them? No matter what side of the line you stand on, you have to admit that the first of January is as good a date as any to set new intentions. For ESL teachers, this is the perfect time to freshen up your class environment and set new […]