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Teaching Tips: Reducing Language 1 Interference

POSTED ON November 28th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Language 1 (L1) basically means your first language or mother tongue. When students are nattering away in their first language, it makes it difficult for them (and their classmates!) to concentrate on learning English. This isn’t such a problem if you teach in a cosmopolitan language school which has a mix of nationalities in every […]

11 Tips for Using Technology Effectively in Your ESL Classroom

POSTED ON November 14th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Depending on where you teach, technology might be readily available for you to use in your ESL classroom. However, using it effectively, and not just for the sake of using it, is another thing altogether. Some teachers might also be too intimidated to use technology in their classroom and instead sticking to the traditional style […]

Teaching Tips: Activities to Get Them Moving

POSTED ON November 7th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Have students that can’t sit still? Well, don’t make them! Here are a few activities to add into your lessons to get students up out of their chairs, moving around, and having fun while they learn. Whether you want an engaging warmer or are looking for a new game to shake things up a bit, […]

How to Deal with Children’s Learning Difficulties

POSTED ON October 31st  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
At the beginning of their schooling, children suddenly become students – evaluated by their school achievements. School becomes the most important place in their lives and learning the most important activity. But what happens when a child cannot master the curriculum? When a student cannot master the curriculum and does not score grades that [...]

Short Films for ESL Students

POSTED ON October 24th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
There are numerous ways in which you can use video clips and short films in your ESL lessons. Whether as a warmer to pique your students’ interest or as a main activity for the class, using media can enrich your lessons and capture your students’ attention. While you may be sold on using video clips […]

6 MORE No Prep ESL Games & Activities

POSTED ON October 17th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Any ESL teacher knows the merit of having games and activities in an ESL classroom. Not only can these games and activities be used as a time filler or extra practice, but they can also be used for warm-up activities, breaking the ice, or adding a little fun to the class. In this article, we […]

Teaching Tips from a Foreign Teacher of English

POSTED ON October 10th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Teaching a language that was once foreign to you is an interesting experience. The fact that you once had to learn the language yourself makes it easier to empathise with your students. It also means you have a good idea of what might cause students difficulties, so I came up with some teaching tips from […]

Four Great Ways to Increase Student Talking Time in Your ESL Class

POSTED ON October 5th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Any good ESL teacher knows that an element of a successful class is a high student talking time, compared to a low teacher talking time. If you are new to teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, you might wonder why that is. Here are four reasons why student talking time should be maximised […]

Brain Teasers Students Can Solve in Class

POSTED ON September 26th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Test your logic by answering these questions, and have fun with your students! Don’t worry, we’ve provided you with all the answers below, but no peeking, try to come up with a logical solution by yourselves and activate that grey matter. The brain teasers are divided into three categories to choose from – Easy, Medium, […]

What are Mind Maps and How to Draw Them

POSTED ON September 19th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Drawing mind maps is a powerful graphic technique that increases the potential of our mind. Drawing these maps can be applied in every aspect of our lives to improve learning or clearly define the goals that are ahead of us. With advances in science and medicine, we have come to the realization that everything is […]