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Active Games for Young Learners

POSTED ON June 6th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Sometimes, classes just have a little extra energy. That’s especially true this time of year. As summer vacation approaches, students find it harder to contain their excitement. Teachers are also distracted by end-of-the-year administrative work, and students sense their weakness and push boundaries. There’s no better way to get a rowdy class [...]

EFL and Autism Spectrum Disorder: How to Make It Work

POSTED ON May 30th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
In recent years, there has been a distinct rise in autism spectrum disorders, also called autistic spectrum disorders or ASD. The exact cause of this rise is still under debate, though genetics, waiting until later in life to have children, and lifestyle changes are all potential factors. (No, vaccines are not potential causes.) It’s also […]

ESL Activity Idea – Play Your Cards Right

POSTED ON May 23rd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
This is an ESL activity idea using one of the English class’s most valuable tools: flashcards. This post uses animal flashcards as an example, but the activity is adaptable to a variety of topics. It is best suited for nouns, however, as it requires the application of adjectives. Instructions Take two sets of flashcards, such as animals. To [...]

Classroom Management in a Nutshell

POSTED ON May 16th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
What is Classroom Management? Classroom management is a term used by teachers (and their managers) to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly.  It is an essential skill for all teachers. Once a class spirals out of control, it is extremely difficult to bring the energy levels back down, so teachers need […]

How to Teach Private Classes: Adapting Course Books

POSTED ON May 2nd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Many teachers wonder how to teach private classes using EFL course books to help provide lessons with an overall structure. However, as most course books are intended for use in a group, these will usually need to be adapted in order to meet the needs and interests of your student as an individual more effectively. How can […]

Using Songs with Adults

POSTED ON April 18th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Now, we all know the merits of using songs in kids’ lessons, but there is potential to go beyond the likes of ‘Touch Your Head’ and ‘We Like To Walk’. Music should not just be thought of as being exclusively used in your kids’ lessons since there is also a time and place for it […]

Methodology and Approach: Task-Based Learning in a Nutshell

POSTED ON April 11th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
The theory behind the Task-Based Learning (TBL) method is that learners are more likely to acquire language naturally if they are thinking about a non-linguistic problem. Students might be given a problem or task to perform (i.e. returning faulty goods to a store). Through dealing with the problem, they discover language and meaning. However, [...]