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Mixed-Ability Classes: Factors, Challenges and Advantages

POSTED ON May 16th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
As an EFL teacher, it is seldom that you have a class of students who have the same language learning levels. As such, it is well known that mixed-ability classes are the norm and not an exception. If you are new to teaching, you might be wondering what is meant by a mixed-ability class. A mixed-ability […]

Top Tips For Teaching Writing: Games and Ideas to Turn Your Lesson From Boring to Brilliant

POSTED ON May 10th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
  Teaching writing is an important part of any curriculum, but it’s rarely the most popular part of the class. Here are a few ways one experienced teacher makes writing lessons more fun and more effective. I’m sure you remember this from your school days – students sitting scribbling in silence, an air of boredom so […]

Top 5 Tips for Teaching Business English

POSTED ON May 3rd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Business English is quite different from your typical general English class. Though it’s the same language, it’s a different type of English. Business English involves different types of skills and subtleties that aren’t usually present in other classes. Teaching Business English takes some finesse. You don’t necessarily have to have a [...]

Simple Teaching Tips (That Are Easy to Forget)

POSTED ON April 25th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Whether you have been teaching for years or are new to the TEFL game, there are so many things to think about when you have a job teaching English. From the moment you step into the classroom (or before) to the moment the class ends (or after) there are dozens of little things you need […]

Teaching Grammar: How Important Is It Really?

POSTED ON April 18th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
  Teaching grammar is challenging for teachers just as learning grammar is challenging for students. Though grammar may sometimes feel like a chore, it’s an important part of language learning, so it’s best to make it as fun and engaging as possible. There’s a lot of emphasis out there on games and fun in the […]

Adults Want to Have Fun, Too! – Games for Beginners

POSTED ON April 11th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
What do you think teaching an adult class is like? Is it dry, stuffy, and dull? It doesn’t have to be! Adults benefit from fun (and even games) as much as younger learners. Kids are easy. Sing a few songs, act silly, play lots of competitive games, and voila! Of course, that’s oversimplifying things greatly, […]

Dictation Activities for English Learners

POSTED ON March 30th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
There lots of activities we can use to improve our students’ reading, listening, and writing. Or we can do dictation activities, which manage to combine all three. Do dictation activities have a place in your lesson? Absolutely. As a teacher, you have so many class activities at your disposal, and all of them have their […]

Another 8 Practice Drills for EFL Students

POSTED ON March 28th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Is there such a thing as too many EFL games? We don’t think so. Anything that gets the students engaged and learning is fair game. Here’s another 8 activities that you can add to your regular rotation. We have another set of EFL practice drills to liven up your English lessons. These games range from […]

4 Egg-tastic EFL Activities To Try In Your Classroom This Easter

POSTED ON March 21st  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner? It feels like just yesterday the clock struck twelve on the New Year. Easter is one of the best times to engage your ESL learners with a range of fun and exciting activities while helping them learn more about one of the biggest Western holidays. […]