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5 More Games That Every TEFL Teacher Should Know

POSTED ON August 14th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Whether you’re a newbie teacher or have been imparting your knowledge for years, you can always do with some extra games up your sleeve! Following on from our article ‘Top 5 games that every TEFL teacher should know’, here we have 5 more games that you can introduce to your language lessons. Whether you teach […]

Top 5 Games That Every TEFL Teacher Should Know

POSTED ON July 31st  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Every TEFL teacher has their favourite games and activities that they use time and time again. There are many games which are better suited to certain age groups (or even certain nationalities!) but there are also games which can be adapted to suit any learner group. When you’re starting out, learn as many new games […]

Student and Parent Guide: What to Do Over the Summer Break

POSTED ON July 24th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
The upcoming summer break is an opportunity for all students to rest and “recharge their batteries” for the next school year. However, the excess of free time can have negative effects if it is not fulfilled in an interesting, but also a useful way. Taking a two-month break in learning may have a harmful effect […]

How to Develop Student Self-Efficacy

POSTED ON July 17th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Student self-efficacy is a fancy term which educators use when talking about students’ confidence and belief in their ability to learn something. A student with strong self-efficacy learns quicker and is more confident using English than a student who does not believe in their ability to learn. Confident students are more likely to keep trying [...]

Why You Should Include Activities in Your Classroom Instead of Games

POSTED ON July 10th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
ESL classes are meant to be fun. They’re often an additional class that your students take outside of their regular school classes, so it’s good if you can make the classes fun and enjoyable for them. That way, they won’t mind coming to them during the hours they would usually spend playing on the computer […]

Discipline in the Classroom: 5 Things the Teacher Has to Know

POSTED ON July 3rd  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Children and teenagers do not like discipline, and therefore often refuse to obey and follow the rules. To avoid the problem of poor discipline in the classroom, it is necessary to determine the rules of behaviour in the classroom. There is no teacher who hasn’t faced this problem. While some deal with indiscipline relatively easily, […]

Digital Stories in English Teaching and Learning

POSTED ON June 26th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Digital stories represent an extremely effective tool in the English language learning. In combination with computer animations in younger classes, especially with students aged 7 to 10 years, acquisition of simple knowledge and skills is improved, as well as basic grammar, active learning and motivation. More students are getting less and [...]

Top 5 Problems When Teaching EFL

POSTED ON June 20th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Any classroom, whether you are teaching in Taiwan or Guatemala, has its set of challenges and problems when teaching EFL. If you haven’t taught before and came across this article in preparation for teaching EFL, then this might sound scary: There isn’t a way to avoid these problems. However, there are, of course, ways to […]

14 Things To Do To Improve Your Teaching

POSTED ON June 12th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Getting your certification doesn’t mean that you know how to teach, just like having years of experience doesn’t mean you can’t improve. Even though this sounds negative, you can view it in a positive light by knowing there are many fun ways to develop professionally. Whether you are a newbie, a seasoned teacher, or somewhere […]

Using Multimedia in Classroom Teaching

POSTED ON June 5th  - POSTED IN Teaching Tips
Today, it is normal that students in elementary school, high school, and university learn English. However, standard methods of teaching are often not enough. Can teachers successfully incorporate multimedia into their classes and if yes – how should they do that? Improved and modernized teaching using multimedia in classes and [...]