The goal at Shane English School is for our students to improve their English and to develop the ability to speak, write, and understand English with confidence. Compared with more traditional schools, our teaching methods encourage students to think in English and use it naturally. 


Learn more about teaching English at Shane English Schools.

Teaching Methods

Shane English School’s teaching methods include both time-tested principles and the latest in educational theory and pedagogy.

Teaching Materials

As part of the Saxoncourt Group, Shane English School has is own curriculum optimised for its teaching outcomes and style.

Why Teach at Shane English School?

Shane English School has a lot to offer its teachers. From professional development to long-term career opportunities, find out why teachers love Shane.

Teaching Tips Blog

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Are you looking for a teaching job?

All job vacancies at Shane English School go through our recruitment arm, Saxoncourt Recruitment. To learn more about job opportunities worldwide, visit www.saxoncourt.com.


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