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Ringing in the New Year with New Friends

POSTED ON January 17th  - POSTED IN News

Right between the International New Year (1 January) and Lunar New Year (this year it falls on 5 February), Saxoncourt Taiwan and Shane Education got together to ring in the New Year together. New friends and old came together for a night of fun.

It was a grand time seeing friends from work cut loose, enjoy some fine food, and raise a few glasses to each other in the spirit of the New Year. We enjoyed a prize draw for staff and teachers spread out through the night (with some games thrown in for variety). And the leaders of each company serenaded the crowd with favourite rock ballads (sorry, no video).

The event was a huge success bringing together the two companies for some fun after becoming two separate entities earlier in 2018. We wish all our staff and associates a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Saxoncourt Group Passes the Torch to Shane Education Taiwan

POSTED ON October 4th  - POSTED IN News

“Things are changing… Things are changing quickly and in a big way.” – Shane Lipscombe, Founder of Shane English Schools and Saxoncourt

In September’s regional Shane English School franchise meeting in Taipei, Taiwan, founder Shane Lipscombe completed the handover of Shane English School Taiwan and finalised its new identity as Shane Education.

Though Shane Education has been acting separately from Saxoncourt Taiwan for several months, this was when the two companies’ new relationship was formalised with Taiwan’s franchisees. Mr Lipscombe offered up an impassioned speech about his love of the company he built, though ultimately he has decided to leave the school in the good hands of Shin Kong Global Venture Capital Corp (新光國際創業投資股份有限公司), becoming a shareholder and consultant of the new company rather than a day-to-day decision maker.

“There are still opportunities to grow in Taiwan… [but] the world is calling to me, so what do we do? Do we open in Azerbaijan or more in Taiwan or go to China? There are too many opportunities now. It’s good! Many people are coming to us. They want our franchise here or they want to buy books there, or they want us to train their teachers some other place… I think that over the [last] forty years we have a good reputation for all the things we do in the English language business: having our own schools and franchise schools, training teachers and recruiting teachers, sending teachers to universities or kindergartens, making books and selling books, having bookshops, and so on. So it’s taken 40 years, but I think we have a good reputation worldwide… I was delighted to hear of the opportunity of working together with our friends here today at Shin Kong. I think this is the perfect opportunity for Shane English School in Taiwan.” – Shane Lipscombe to franchisees, September 2018

The Shin Kong team is headed up by Alex Lin (林皓昱) and Dr David Li (李光斌). Mr Lin has extensive experience in a variety of fields as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, and his role as a university lecturer intersects with the education sector. Dr Li has likewise spent time teaching at Taiwan University as an assistant profession, and his expertise ranges from engineering to finance.

Though they have parted ways in some senses, Shane Education and Saxoncourt are still closely linked by shared history and complementary goals of preparing this generation of English learners for the opportunities ahead. And through it all, Mr Lipscombe will continue to act as a consultant to Shane Education whenever his experience can benefit the organisation. Saxoncourt – and Shane English School internationally – offer the newly minted Shane Education all the best.

2018 Shane Franchise Meeting Introduces New Materials

POSTED ON March 28th  - POSTED IN News

On Mar 23, 2018 Shane English School Taiwan held its franchise meeting at National Taiwan Normal University (國立臺灣師範大學).  The keynote presentation was a teaching seminar for brand new courses and materials.

Shane English School is a 41-Year brand that focuses on English teaching that keeps improving itself to become a more professional and unique in English teaching resource.

This year, we are glad to introduce our new courses and materials to you. It includes Total English Secondary (TES) Course, which will replace our Children’s Elementary Advanced (CEA) and Children’s Junior (CJ) courses for junior high school students. We are also rolling out Rising Stars, which will replace our existing Children’s Kindergarten (CK) and Children’s Kindergarten Intensive (CKI) programs. We are also introducing an ESL course update (Math and teacher’s manual) and rolling out GEPT courses.

Our partners attended new courses seminar, presented by Academic Director Toby Shaw presented, and had a good interaction with franchisees and DTEs. According to Shaw, “It was great to see everyone who managed to make the trip up to Taipei, as this was a fantastic chance to update schools on the progress we’ve made on refreshing our courses in 2018. This is a big year for new courses and materials, and I’m looking forward to seeing their positive impact in the classroom.”

Why don’t you take some time to visit our schools? We can’t wait to meet you and show you all the exciting new developments.

Shane English School Taiwan Principal Attends NatGeo Education Conference

POSTED ON May 22nd  - POSTED IN News

Steve Lambert, Shane English School Taiwan Principal, recently joined a delegation from a variety of schools and organisations in Taiwan to attend the 2017 National Geographic Learning conference in Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

Titled ‘Inspiring Learning in the 21st Century’, the conference brought together educational leaders, teachers and government officials to consider the challenges of 21st-century education, and how to turn these to practical advantage in the classroom. A wide variety of speakers and seminars covered topics ranging from integrating critical thinking into language lessons and innovative approaches to problem-solving in education, to increasing teacher’s confidence through professional development.

Veteran National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths also conducted seminars explaining the stories behind some of her most famous photos and to give advice on how to take the perfect picture. The conference provided an ideal opportunity to meet and network with other education and English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals from a wide variety of countries in East and South East Asia. Since the conference, NGL Regional Director Michael Cahill has visited Taipei and our Head Office to look at ways that they can work with Shane English Schools Taiwan in the future.

Shane English School Taiwan 2017 Winter Camp: Famous Paintings Want to Talk

POSTED ON February 9th  - POSTED IN News

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

Over the 2017 winter vacation, Shane English School Taiwan brought our students into the art world.

We are happy to introduce our 2017 winter program: “Famous Paintings Want to Talk”. Shane teachers collected many famous paintings, such as The Smile of Mona Lisa, The Gleaners, Starry Night, etc. They introduced the paintings to the students and told them the story and history of the paintings. The students shared their feelings about the paintings and drew their own pictures.

On every Tuesday, Shane teachers took them to the museums and galleries to see more artworks. Students learned art and English at the same time, and they really loved this class. Here are some pictures and videos of the class.

– Karen Lu, Marketing Communications Manager
Shane English School Taiwan

Starry Night by van Gogh

夏恩英語 安平分校发布于 2017年2月6日

Shane English School Taiwan Art Contest

POSTED ON October 25th  - POSTED IN News

To celebrate our 40-year anniversary, Shane English School Taiwan held an art contest. The topic of the competition was “Taiwan – My Country”, and over 40 students participated in this contest.

We invited our colleagues in Taiwan’s Head Office and several professional art teachers to be our judges. After much deliberation, we chose thirteen works of art. These paintings will be made into desk calendars for 2017 to be sold to parents and students in our Taiwanese schools for charity.

The proceeds of these desk calendars will be donated to elementary schools in remote districts to help them buy more books and other English-learning materials. We hope you enjoy the paintings!

Karen Lu
Marketing Manager
Head Office
Shane English School Taiwan

Shane English School Taiwan Holds The ‘Shane English Speech Contest 2016’!

POSTED ON October 5th  - POSTED IN News

The Shane English Speech Contest was held this summer. It was very successful, with over 55 students attending this fun event. After more than two hours of fierce competition, we had 1 winner and 2 runner-ups for each level.

Students were assessed using the following criteria:correctness, fluency, pronunciation, body language, content, andtiming. All finalists performed wonderfully, and we witnessed some really vivid, eloquent, and powerful speeches. Even movie characters and Japanese phrases made an appearance in a couple of them!

Shane kids, you are really creative! Everyone’s performance was commendable, whether you won or lost. Great job, all!

Karen Lu
Marketing Manager
Head Office
Shane English School Taiwan

Dramatic Shane English School Taiwan Summer Camp in Tianmu

POSTED ON September 30th  - POSTED IN News

To expand our reach, Shane English School Taiwan (SEST) cooperated with Taipei Tianmu Elementary School and held a joint Summer Camp 26th-28th July.

The subject of this 3-day event was English fairy tales. In total, 36 students from Tianmu Elementary School attended the camp, learned all about classical English dramas, and participated in arts and crafts activities, all while interacting with our English teachers.

Students had a great time and adapted to their new environment naturally.

On the last day of the camp, we invited the parents to come and see their children’s impressive mini-performances.

We are looking forward to holding similar events in the future with other local schools. Our intention is to help students enjoy English and further increase Shane Taiwan’s visibility in the English education field.

Karen Lu
Marketing Manager
Head Office
Shane English School Taiwan

August 2016 Teacher Training – Shane English School Taiwan

POSTED ON August 31st  - POSTED IN News

Shane English School TaiwanOne word springs most readily to mind when contemplating the month of August in Taiwan: humidity. A five-minute walk to the nearest 7-11 turns previously neat and respectable-looking people into sodden messes. Carefully prepared attires turn to raucously damp rebellions to the norm. The damp heat left none spared, tormenting all willing to remain dry.

Despite the heat, however, the August Training Week held at Shane Head Office welcomed eighteen new teachers into the fold, with a guest visit from South Korea franchise partners Jack Glowacki and Jaekyoung (JK) Lee, raising the number to twenty.

Over the course of five days, the trainees were given a comprehensive overview of EFL practices and methodologies for young learners.  This included group demonstrations from the trainees of some of the techniques they had learnt and evening observations at Shane DTE schools. The group of twenty adults were invited to escape back to the simplicity of their childhoods, and from there were led through a series of games and activities that can be used to great effect when teaching young learners. Highlights included an early morning rendition of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes complete with actions, and a conga line around the room – pretending to be on a rollercoaster, with arms raised in the air – as a fitting TPR routine to go with the sound ‘ee’!

The successes of the assessment and lesson plan feedback given on the final day of training week were testaments to how hard both the trainees and trainers worked all week, despite the overwhelming heat outside. We look forward to the next round in September.

About the Author

Tom Woodhouse is Director of Studies at Shane English School Taiwan (SEST).

august 2016 taiwan teacher training

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Shane English School Taiwan Marks Group’s 40th Anniversary

POSTED ON August 11th  - POSTED IN News

Shane English School Taiwan 40th anniversaryNext year will be the 40-year-anniversary of Shane English School. To celebrate, Shane English School Taiwan ran a big marketing campaign in May to raise awareness and open discussion – Lecture Tour of Children’s Education.

This big campaign was held in three main cities in Taiwan – Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. We were honoured to invite the famous children’s books writer Wang Wen Hua as our presenter. His professional knowledge and humour brought a lot of different concepts to parents and teachers. The number of registrants over three sessions were very positive: over 600 parents and teachers came and had a great time with us.

Related news about this campaign was published in Parenting Magazine in May and June. Parenting Magazine is a very popular magazine in Taiwan whose target audience are teachers and parents with 4- to 15-year-old children. This age range just happens to match the age range of our students. Through this media exposure, Shane Schools’ brand is known by far more parents and teachers in Taiwan.