Shane Global English Courses

Shane Global English Courses

Shane Global English Courses

Our aim at Shane Global Language Centres is to improve our students’ English language skills, and give them the opportunity to practise these skills outside the classroom with confidence. Shane Global classes are taught using an active, communicative method, which involves English being spoken as much as possible through discussions and activities. This high exposure to English will help you improve your vocabulary, grammar and confidence.

Upon arrival, each student is given a placement test to ensure they are placed in the most suitable class. At the end of the course, each student receives an official certificate, with an academic report if requested.

General English Courses

General English Courses

Whatever your learning objectives, you can choose between our wide range of full-time and part-time courses in London and Hastings. We will help you improve your English language skills, and give you the opportunity to practise these skills outside the classroom, at work and in your daily life.


Who are the General English Courses for?


London and Hastings: 15 hours General English only.

General English 15 is aimed at students who want to improve their overall English level. The class focuses on all four language skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, while working on a variety of topics and language structures.



London and Hastings: 15 hours General English + 5 hours Specialised Course.

Our most popular combination course, for students who are looking for an intensive course while still having time to explore and travel.



Hastings only: 15 hours General English + 5 hours Communication Skills + 5 hours Specialised Course.

Combine General English with your own learning objectives. Practise your fluency in English with the Communication Skills class, and your practical skills in IELTS Preparation or Grammar & Skills classes.



London: 25 hours General English + 5 hours Specialised Course.
Hastings: 15 hours General English + 15 hours Specialised Course.

Choose from our Specialised Courses to practice your skills, and improve your overall level with our General English classes.


Why Join a General English Course at Shane Global?

Here at Shane Global, quality is at the forefront of everything we do. With small class sizes, qualified teachers and full 60 minute classes, Shane Global offers fantastic value for money.

General English classes are our most popular, and are often combined with our Specialised Courses which cover a variety of skills and purposes. Our students are motivated to reach the next level in their language learning, and we aim to give them a well-rounded experience with a variety of courses to choose between:

• Communication Skills: a Speaking and Listening only class, designed to improve your fluency.

• IELTS Exam Preparation: prepare for your IELTS exam with mock tests and correction workshops.

• Grammar and Skills (Hastings only): dedicate more time to mastering the complexities of English grammar, and perfect your English language skills.

• English for Work (Business English): Learn language and skills needed for typical business communication.

Exam Preparation Courses

IELTS Exam Preparation

Many of our students take one of our Exam Preparation courses to fulfil their academic and professional goals. Whether you are looking to study at university, move up the career ladder or simply to add your English qualification to your CV, our Exam Preparation courses can help you. We can also help book your exam at one of the many test centres in the UK.

IELTS Exam Courses

Shane Global’s International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exam course will focus on developing reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in an academic context as well as building academic vocabulary and useful grammar structures for writing in order to prepare you for the IELTS Exam.


Who is the IELTS Exam Preparation Course for?

Our IELTS Preparation Course is our most popular exam course and is designed for students who wish to progress on to university or further their career. The exam is accredited by the University of Cambridge, and was taken by over 2 million students last year.


Why Study for the IELTS Exam at Shane Global?

•  There will be regular test practice to help build IELTS exam techniques, followed by a trouble-shooting workshop session to help you work on errors and difficulties identified in the test practice.

•  You will improve your overall Academic English skills for IELTS.

•  Classes will focus on the four skills tested by the IELTS exam.

•  We will teach you examination strategies to help you pass each IELTS exam component.

•  You will get regular practice by taking “mock” IELTS tests to help you prepare for the actual IELTS exam.

•  You will be taught by experienced teachers who have years of experience teaching IELTS.

•  You will get personalised advice to help you achieve the IELTS exam score you need.


Business English Courses

Communicate with confidence in a range of business settings, using English in a professional context.

Business English (currently only available in Shane Global London for 18+ year olds) aims to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for English-speaking business environments.

You will learn and practise essential skills such as: ‘giving presentations’, ‘persuading & negotiating’, ‘receiving feedback’ and ‘becoming a key team-player’. Along with practical skills like ‘writing business correspondence’ and ‘developing language used for meetings’.

By the end of the course you will have a greater knowledge of British business, an increased vocabulary & language awareness, and you will feel more confident in your ability to communicate in English in the workplace.


English Language Holidays

English Language Holidays

Shane Global Language Centres offer a variety of language holidays, for all ages and situations. Our packages are for individuals and groups, juniors and older learners and you can even bring your family!

Our courses are specifically designed around you. Our aim is to combine English language learning with fun activities so that you are practising your English at all times and in different contexts.

Teenage Activity Programme UK

The Vacation English Course is available for:

• Junior groups (minimum 10 students) all year round in our Hastings and London Schools.
• Unaccompanied individuals joining groups from all over the world.

The Vacation English Course is perfect for the Group Leader or School Teacher who wishes to bring junior students on a trip to the UK and put the English learnt in class into a more practical and natural context. It is an opportunity for students to use and practise English outside the classroom, immerse themselves in British culture, and see the language make sense. They will be able to use the language in context as well as gain experience of the British culture and lifestyle. By exploring they can grow, improve their knowledge and have lots of fun at the same time.

Our activities are designed to ensure that the students keep active and have fun whilst all the time learning and communicating, whatever the weather. There will be indoor/outdoor games for team communication, tours for observing and listening, and quizzes and treasure hunts for reading and understanding.

All activities are intended to improve students’ English, develop their understanding of the language and help them enjoy themselves. Students will see and hear things they have only read about: cream tea, cricket and the British sense of humour.

It is also an opportunity to mix with other nationalities, make long-lasting friendships with students from other countries and grow both academically and personally.


Our new English Summer Camp located in Chalfont offers a language holiday package for Juniors (age from 8-18 years old).

At Shane Global we combine English language learning with fun activities so that you are practising your English at all times and in different contexts. Our English Summer Camp is specifically arranged around the students’ age and we have designed a fantastic and bespoke group package for our summer residence in Chalfont.

This English Summer Camp is exciting, creating a fun-filled weekly programme of English classes, meals, activities and excursions. Our teachers and activity leaders make sure that classes and activities are educational and fun, and that English is practised at all times.

What does the package include?

• Heathrow Airport transfers on Sunday
• Residential full-board accommodation
• 15 hours General English Tuition
• 7 days/week activity programme and excursions

Group Packages UK

We offer personalised group packages in London and Hastings all year round, both for juniors and adults. Contact us for availability and for a bespoke package according to your requirements.

Private English Classes

One-on-One Private English Lessons

Private English Classes give you One-to-One attention from your teacher, allowing you to develop your language faster and work on your particular needs.

Before class, we ask you to complete a detailed Needs Analysis Form. This allows the teacher to get to know you as a student, and prepare your bespoke Private English Class. Classes are arranged hourly, with one hour equalling a 60 minute class.


Who are Private English Classes for?

Private English Classes are for those who need the flexibility to tailor their learning programme around specific objectives. Fit your class around your busy schedule, or combine them with our varied group classes. 


Why Take Private English Classes at Shane Global?

• Our teachers are all CELTA qualified, and are friendly and approachable. They are here to help you achieve your goals. 

• Your One-to-One lesson is adapted around your needs and objectives. With your teacher, turn any of your weaknesses in class into strengths, and work towards your professional and academic goals.

• Private English Classes give you the flexibility to work and study, as they can be arranged to fit your schedule. One hour equals a 60 minute class, and classes can be taken over an extended period of time.

• Combine our Group Classes with Private English Classes to improve your overall level while working towards your specific goal.

• Don’t have much time to study? Our Executive English course offers 30 hours of intensive, One-to-One classes per week, plus fun activities in the evenings.

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